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Naturism Channel

A cable/satellite tv channel dedicated to true naturism
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This channel would not have pornographic material. It would be strickly a nudist/naturist channel with themes suitable for nudists of all ages. non-nudist could still block this channel.

Nudist children could have a Sesame Street Style nudist kids program. Adults could have nudist television programming. But the most benefit would be for nudists to get the naturist life style into the main stream where people can learn about nudists.

Maybe then some fundimentalist churches would realize that all types of people are nudists, including ministers, preists, rabbis and others.
n3pla2000, Apr 12 2003

Hmmm http://www.nakednews.com/
Because presentation is... [Shz, Oct 04 2004]


       We did this before. Well, I did it. Got hooted off the airwaves, but I wish better luck to you.
DrCurry, Apr 12 2003

       Sigh. This idea must have been forwarded to some mailing list or other. I'm getting hapless subscription attempts as of recently. (2 and counting.)   

       People (YOU! YES YOU, YOU WITHOUT YOUR CLOTHES ON), this is a general-purpose discussion website for poorly thought-out inventions. Getting an account here will not get your TV to show you pictures of nekkid people. No, really. In fact, I'm wearing clothes right now.   

       Admin out,
jutta, Jan 28 2008

       Better still, charge 'em $29.99 and let 'em in naked. Then we can all put the lights on and have a good chuckle.   

       Idea-wise, I think it's a sad fact of life that a naked Sesame Street is going to have an audience far larger and with far less salubriety than you intend.   

       Also, I quite like the word "strickly" - sounds more business-like than the usual spelling.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 28 2008

       This was this poster's sole idea on this site, although they did post a whole three annos around this time frame. Interesting, the far-reaching effects of one effort.
normzone, Jan 28 2008

       If you're mature enough to watch it then it's just a bunch of people going about their daily business... gee... whoopee :/
FlyingToaster, Jan 29 2008

       I want a channel like this, but everyone's knees and elbows are covered at all times with digital black censor squares, or blurred out, or something.
GutPunchLullabies, Jan 30 2008

       Surely watching tv naked is more fun than watching naked tv?
wagster, Jan 30 2008

       Maybe "Naturist Channelling", where naked mediums attempt to contact the dead.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 30 2008

       //Surely watching tv naked is more fun than watching naked tv?//

       not if the idea of having the words "sofa" and "skidmark" in the same sentence offends you.
FlyingToaster, Jan 30 2008

       Is it not enough we have tampon commercials, fem freshness commercials, condom commercials, and even "anti-itch" creme commercials...must we also view the fuzzi-nuts, midro-wormed, pelvic mishaped, vague shadows of the secretive female anatomy, rivuleted fleshy sides, undulating.....wait...I've possibly gotten it all wrong...perhaps this is a good idea.
Blisterbob, Jan 31 2008

       I don't think you can not have porn and still have enough interesting material about naked people for an entire channel. Even naturists themselves would get bored.
Bad Jim, Jan 15 2009

       //Idea-wise, I think it's a sad fact of life that a naked Sesame Street is going to have an audience far larger and with far less salubriety than you intend.//   

       Aren't some of the puppets already naked? I remember the days when Sesame Street had just puppets and adult actors. Surely nude adults talking to nude puppets wouldn't draw very much of a non-salubrious type when skinimax is already availabe on cable.
ye_river_xiv, Jan 15 2009

       I think that we are missing the key point here. If there were adequate demand for programming featuring "naturalism" then such a channel would exist already. Short of including minors nothing prohibits an all boring, all nude cable channel. The demand isn't there because the market; real hardcore nudists, hairy butts pot bellies and wrinkles inc. are few and far between. In fact even when nude people were interviewed about nudity (at a nude beach) few identified as nudists or expressed an interest in "nudism". People like clothes, especially as you move away from the equator.
WcW, Jan 15 2009


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