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Laundry Channel

what are they washing in Kalyan-Dombivali?
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No matter how obscure, or remote the place, the Laundry Channel subscription station will have a camera monitoring someone's clothes splashing around in a washing machine at a public launderette.

Those electing to use the machine get a small discount, and the opportunity to enter some details that accompany the images, supplemented by comments from one of the hundreds of station monitors.
e.g. "It's 4.35pm at Varnik Street Washeteria in central Kalyan-Dombivali and S., who is washing her ultra white T shirt collection, has accidentally included a single bright red thong...."

Brought to you by: Paint is Always Drying Somewhere in the World Productions.

xenzag, Mar 06 2008

[phoenix, Mar 06 2008]

The Internet Laundrette http://members.west...ks.html#laundromats
(No subscription necessary.) [angel, Mar 06 2008]


       <jaw drops in humbled awe> Genius. </jdiha> [+]
coprocephalous, Mar 06 2008

       + hehe....#5 machine has been overloaded. Someone has left half of a croissant in their jacket pocket!
xandram, Mar 06 2008

       Web cams not same thing (re link). This is a broadcast quality television station, with commentators and a degree of interactivity.
xenzag, Mar 06 2008

       Tonight on "When Laundry Changed History"
KineticKill, Mar 06 2008

       "Good evening, and welcome to the Wash 'n Go Laundromat in Buttcrack, Utah. Tonight, in spectacular HD with 5.1 audio, we'll be bringing you complete live coverage from load to fold as Helen 'the Wringer' Johnson washes the entire set of uniforms used by her son's baseball team. And we have a special guest with us. Meet Surpreet Singh Gill, owner and operator of the Wash 'n Go."   

       "Just call me Sammy, Ted. Thanks for bringing your entire crew, umm excuse me a moment - Hey! Buddy! Can you not read? The sign says 'do not overload the machines'. You have put far too many items in there and you will break my washer. Why don't you take your filthy..."   

       "Sorry about that folks. We'll be right back after these messages from Ducks Unlimited".
Canuck, Mar 06 2008

       Damn you, [xenzag]. If my cable company ever puts this on, that is. There is no way I would be able to resist switching to such a guilty pleasure during channel surfing, and I would never be able to admit it. Damn you also, as my 11-year-old son, who has no shame for his guilty pleasures (to his credit) will never change that channel, inexplicably laughing and shrieking in his devious little way.   

globaltourniquet, Mar 06 2008

       Must be at least as exciting as Big Brother.
RayfordSteele, Mar 07 2008


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