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Nautilus Pillow

Sounds of the seazzzzzzz.....
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A soft seashell shaped and patterned pillow complete with a small internal audio unit and quilted seashell lip.

Upon resting your head on the pillow the sounds of waves can be heard lapping against the shore through a quilted broad lip similar to a Conch shell.

Is timed to switch off after a short period of time.

Reset when needed with the sleep button as not to sound throughout the night.

skinflaps, Oct 13 2005

Nelson Sound Sleeper http://www.stanford...ment/sleepaids.html
but its the only one Google turns up. [dentworth, Oct 13 2005]

Sound Therapy Pillow by Luxe Vivant http://www.luxeviva...-sound-pillow).html
Standard shaped pillow with integral speakers and audio leads to attach to the sound therapy source of your choice, like a CD playing surf sounds. [jurist, Oct 13 2005]

Pillowsonic http://www.healiohe...s&specific=jonooqf8
[jurist, Oct 13 2005]


       I found only one, which is shaped for ergonomic support of the neck. I googled white noise pillows.btw.   

       I like your idea better in that, the style of the shell could also be adaptable for neck support, for side sleepers, and have a thinner edge for stomach sleepers.
dentworth, Oct 13 2005

       and the sound of depth charges exploding to act as an alarm clock.....
xenzag, Oct 13 2005

       ...and the sound of constantly running water makes you feel the need to ?
po, Oct 13 2005

       Heh, that's quite amusing[xenzag]
skinflaps, Oct 13 2005

       Actually, [flappy], I love this idea so much I'm going to look into creating a prototype. Do you know where I should look for a micro sound system? Radio Shack?
dentworth, Oct 13 2005

       Thanks[dentworth] :) I'm in the UK, don't think we have Radio Shack.The website looks like it might have the goods though.
skinflaps, Oct 13 2005

       save your money and just start sleeping on a mains water pipe.
xenzag, Oct 13 2005

       Not quite the same is it? Clinging to a water pipe.
skinflaps, Oct 13 2005

       there's an exposed water main in the middle of my street - you can use my pillow as long as you wash your hair.
xenzag, Oct 14 2005

       If I know the sound will stop at some point, then I wait for it, and wait for it. And when it stops, I hit the button and wait some more. Please include an option to let the sound run all night. Like a real shell. +
daseva, Oct 14 2005


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