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Pillow that plays random pillow talk
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A pillow can be very comforting to hug when you are alone, and either relaxing on your sofa, or laying up on bed about to go to sleep, but they are voiceless, impersonal and inert.

When you squeeze the Pillow-Talker you activate the play-back of a concealed recorder. Silken voices randomly selected from famous movie seduction scenes, then whisper out breathlessly.

Or on the other hand...."Wendy - I'm home !"

xenzag, Dec 29 2006

there are musical pillows http://www.designbo...=8&item_pk=4688&p=1
[xandram, Dec 30 2006]

and there are talking pillows for children http://www.asseenon...ng_pillow.html?gid=
[xandram, Dec 30 2006]


       the pillow version of a blow-up doll. and it speaks, too. you'd have to be able to choose the recordings. they are certainly a matter of personal preference.
jenifemeral, Dec 30 2006

       <obligatory Steve Martin/John Candy reference>
"Those aren't pillows"!

       I was aware of other pillows that produce sounds, so in that respect there's not much new about the idea, but I still like the prospect of hearing Ms Monroe cooing in my ear unexpectedly in the middle of the night.
xenzag, Dec 30 2006

       I think your idea is cute and the links were not meant to discredit your idea. I'm sorry if you thought that.   

       <whispers sweet nothings...>
xandram, Dec 30 2006


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