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Nearest Halfbaker browser

Find the distance to the Halfbaker nearest to you.
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A plug-in to the browser that calculates based on your IP and geographical location of service provider, your distance from, and direction to, the halfbakery user (most probably) closest to you. The result is presented without revealing the identities.

"Nor-by-nor'west, five hundred cables!"

neelandan, Aug 18 2008

(?) Map of Halfbakers http://www.geocitie...adradish/halfb.html
Click on the icon, top left [nineteenthly, Aug 18 2008]

Not quite the same, but raw material Halfbakers_27_20Homes
Links interesting too [nineteenthly, Aug 18 2008]

croissant-patterned knickers croissant-patterned_20knickers
A very closely-related idea: croissant-patterned knickers to be worn by halfbakers. These knickers fill with custard when in the vicinity of another pair, giving halfbakers a secret way of recognising each other. [hippo, Aug 18 2008]

Gnome to nineteenthly http://barryowen.pw...ome%20to%2019th.jpg
I suspect we BOTH lied about our exact locations though! [gnomethang, Aug 18 2008]

Vauxhall Cavalier http://www.paulridl...andwich,%20Kent.JPG
[normzone, Aug 19 2008]

Deep Throat voice http://en.wikipedia..._Throat_(Watergate)
[normzone, Aug 19 2008]


       There's a map somewhere, maybe on Multiply, though a lot of people aren't on it.
nineteenthly, Aug 18 2008

       I think I read somewhere that in London you're never more than ten feet from a Halfbaker.
Or was it a rat?
DiveTart, Aug 18 2008

       <deepthroat voice>I'm right behind you!... </dv>
Jinbish, Aug 18 2008

       Shirley, a deepthroat voice is more like this:   

       Mgmm grai behiigr gou.   

       You sicko.
theleopard, Aug 18 2008

       hee hee [dive].
po, Aug 18 2008

       <reaches for 2x4 with rusty nail in it>
Jinbish, Aug 18 2008

       [theleopard] It sounds like you have marbles in your mou... Oh dear god, oh that's just sick, sicko!
4whom, Aug 18 2008

       [theleopard], there may have been a time when i really was right behind you, probably in a Vauxhall Cavalier.
nineteenthly, Aug 18 2008

       I recall that [neilp] added a few halfbakers who provided their "rough" locations to a Google Earth KML file (He added a link to his server).
I'm sure that it would be easy to get dirrections between any two!
gnomethang, Aug 18 2008

       Yes, they're on one of the links. It could be done with spherical trigonometry with just the latitude and longitude converted into the right units.
nineteenthly, Aug 18 2008

       Found it!
The attached link could give you the distance.
gnomethang, Aug 18 2008

       That's amazing [gnome]! Is that Rochester? Probably not. I'm originally from Canterbury, so i'm not totally unable to read a map of Kent.
nineteenthly, Aug 18 2008

       I could roll a hoop with a stick down the road to [skinflaps] house. I'd probably be set upon by drunk Irish Arsenal supporters though.   

       Ruddy gooners.
theleopard, Aug 18 2008

       // Is that Rochester? //
It is indeed Rochester(ish). I can send you [neilp]'s file if you don't have it. You can PM me in the other place if required.

// I could roll a hoop with a stick down the road to [skinflaps] house.// - Guttersnipe!!
gnomethang, Aug 18 2008

       I thought everyone knew that Bakers exist on a pandimentional tapered lattice, and that, in effect, all bakers are within arm's reach of each-other.
Dub, Aug 18 2008

       hello Dub <waves>
po, Aug 18 2008

       Rats, did someone say "RATS"??? (waves and ducks).
blissmiss, Aug 18 2008

       // tapered lattice,//
A tapir-ed lettuce? What are you smoking?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Aug 18 2008

       [gnome], i've got [neilp]'s file thanks, but recently uninstalled Google Earth because it was screwing up the graphics card. Incidentally, my mother's from Strood and i also have friends from there who now live here.
nineteenthly, Aug 18 2008

       Another recognition sign: don't forget that Halfbakers can't resist at least a sly smirk when using hot-air hand-dryers.
hippo, Aug 19 2008

       Ah!. Strood is where I am! Looks like you got out - some form of escape velocity?
gnomethang, Aug 19 2008

       Ah, but i'm from the other side of the Medway. I could say everyone else was a "furrener", but then my own family is not from Kent in the end, and since i was born in Canterbury in the 'sixties, i'm technically not from Kent.   

       Anyway, yes, i escaped, ASAP in fact, tried to get to Scotland but ended up in the English Midlands forever.
nineteenthly, Aug 19 2008

       No, a tunnel under the wire, a fake passport, and run hard for the border ...
8th of 7, Aug 19 2008


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