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Remove account-created dates

Don't need 'em.
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Profile pages display the date the account was created at the bottom (and also the date it was last edited). Might I respectfully suggest this be removed. It's really of no practical use for anyone to know, so it won't be missed.

We bakers are frequently accused of hassling the recently-joined. Personally I don't pay any attention to this nonsense, but apparently many do. By removing 'joined' dates, we will have no way of knowing who's new and who's not, and all will be treated equally poorly.

Of course there will always be those stalkers who live and breathe bakery and who keep journals on ages and locations and favorite foods and whatnot... they will still know the difference, but there's no help for them anyway.

waugsqueke, Feb 04 2005


       I quite like it, not this - that.
skinflaps, Feb 04 2005

       It is this feature that tells me whether to kindly point people in the direction of the help file or just to stop being stupid. Stop being stupid [waugs].
wagster, Feb 04 2005

       waugsqueke, of course has two "account created" dates on his profile page. I can only imagine this idea is posted in a spirit of playful irony.
hippo, Feb 04 2005

       It’s too easy to figure it out in most cases. I have ideas and anno’s posted about a year prior to my account creation date, so, I’m a crash victim. In order for this to work, posting dates will have to be eliminated as well (boo-hiss).   

       I wonder if deleting and recreating your account is a personality trait? Would two people who do this get along? ;-)
Shz, Feb 04 2005

       Just 'cause you went and screwed yours up....;-)
bristolz, Feb 04 2005

skinflaps, Feb 04 2005

       Ironic [shz] -waugs has been here since Hb inception, as has [blissmiss] . Bliss as you know has exploded her acct. several times, and the two of them are allegedly an item. or is that hopelessly old news.   

       proving once again opposites attract.
dentworth, Feb 04 2005

       ([dent], scroll down on [waugs]'s account page and you'll see that his account has gone phoof before as well - making them a bit less opposite)
Worldgineer, Feb 04 2005

       oh buggar,[hippo] did say that already, and I thought I was on to something.
dentworth, Feb 04 2005

       I love the idea of the tick-boxable option. I would need very small gloves, though.
bungston, Feb 04 2005

       Tick-boxing sounds like quite a bloody sport.
Worldgineer, Feb 04 2005

Mr Burns, Feb 04 2005

       No thanks, I'm working.
Worldgineer, Feb 04 2005

       that'll be the day!
po, Feb 04 2005

Worldgineer, Feb 04 2005

       Yes dent, that had to be the attraction, thinking back now...in fact, that *was* why I deleted my account. I was just trying to "hook em in", and by golly, it worked.
blissmiss, Feb 04 2005

       I deleted my previous account because my SO was using it, and that seemed to be frowned upon.   

       This idea can't work because people who have been here for longer would be very likely to know when someone is new.
nineteenthly, Feb 04 2005

       // I can only imagine this idea is posted in a spirit of playful irony. //   

       Not at all. I am deadly serious. Well at least as serious as the topic deserves.   

       The dates on my own profile page serve my point. Who the fuck cares how long someone has been here, really?   

       Can't think of a single possible reason to oppose this, other than the usual contrariness. If anyone has an actual valid reason, I'd be interested in knowing it.   

       (19thly's reason is countered in the idea itself.)   

       // It is this feature that tells me whether to kindly point people in the direction of the help file or just to stop being stupid.//   

       Think of the work it would save you.
waugsqueke, Feb 05 2005

       The reason I'd give is that newbies are less annoying and get less frustrated when given guidance.
Worldgineer, Feb 05 2005

       I care, for one. I like being able to see how long ago a user discovered the halfbakery. I don't look often and probably haven't any regular specific reason but I know I do look on profiles for users that I don't recognize or haven't seen for a while.   

       Sooo, count me as opposed, with my usual contrariness, to the removal of the dates. I also am a bit puzzled as to why, if the date doesn't matter to you, do you care if it's there or not?
bristolz, Feb 05 2005

       My objection is that it doesn’t accomplish anything unless all dates are removed, which I think is a bad idea, and a valid point.   

       Bun to [dent] for catching the irony (or close enough).
Shz, Feb 05 2005

       And ideas, too. Now that would indeed save a lot of work <edit>around here.
bristolz, Feb 05 2005

       Au contraire [bris], I think that would lead to a lot of work getting done.
wagster, Feb 05 2005

       All dates should be changed to reflect the Halfbirthery, and end in B.C. (Bakery's Conception)   

       I'm actually rather proud that I survived the great crash of 2004, and, well, those who did, and lived to tell about it to their grandkids, should have the data to back up their story. (Sorry waugs, We must part ways on this one, no -, no +, no nothing. :-(
blissmiss, Feb 05 2005

       Whuh-oh. Take care when he's backed into a corner, bliss.
bristolz, Feb 05 2005

       I don't think this idea hurts anybody. Au contraire, those who want their account creation date displayed can add it to their profiles.
Pericles, Feb 05 2005

       there should be a T shirt blissy - I survived the 2004 crash!   

       still reeling that I did! Long live hb!   

       btw, I think he looks most handsome, shivering in a corner ;)
po, Feb 05 2005

       [Pericles], it loses its usefulness to me if not consistently available. I suppose they could just be visible to mods, though.
bristolz, Feb 05 2005

       // I also am a bit puzzled as to why, if the date doesn't matter to you, do you care if it's there or not? //   

       So we don't know who's new and who's not (as the idea states).   

       Yes there are other ways to find out, as Shz points out, and as I pointed out in the idea. They require more effort than most are willing to go through.
waugsqueke, Feb 07 2005

       If the account creation date was zapped then nobody would know to send me presents on my halfbirthday...

OK, I know that nobody sends them anyway but at least the potential is there.
DrBob, Feb 07 2005

       Irrelevant? You would be depriving newcomers of the vital ass-kissing survival skill.
tiromancer, Feb 07 2005

       No longer would anyone be able to hide behind the "I'm new, I didn't know!" excuse. I like it.
ato_de, Feb 07 2005

       Or, more importantly, I'd be able to once again hide behind the "I'm new, I didn't know!" excuse.
Worldgineer, Feb 07 2005

       Perhaps we missed Waugs' halfbirthday and that's what he's grumpy about. Someone start singing and I'll cut the cheese.   

       BTW, UB, if you shaved all the hair off yer butt it might be more kissable. Ptew.
lintkeeper2, Feb 07 2005

       I am surprised by the negative reception to this. I think removing the account creation dates would remove one of the few stigmas here. Halfbakers are a bunch of elitist bastards, concerned about pecking orders and seniority... Who knew?   

       Well, at least 66% of those who voted here are.
ato_de, Feb 07 2005

       //concerned about pecking orders and seniority// I propose it's the other 33%.
Worldgineer, Feb 07 2005


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