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A second saved... is a second urn-ed
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Have your cremated remains sealed within an hourglass.

...Just as grains of sand through the hourglass, so are the days after our deaths.


       As you decompose "the sand" would complete it's run in quicker and quicker time until only the bones of time and the ground up pacemaker are left.   

       Faster, Faster, Faster you shout like so many managers.
popbottle, Nov 30 2013

       [popbottle], it is my understanding that "cremated remains" consist mostly of "burned bone ash". How do you expect that to decompose?
Vernon, Nov 30 2013

       I keep reading this as "necromanger" - some sort of morbid nativity scene.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 30 2013

       When I was a child I would eat After-Eight mints, turn the wrappers carefully inside-out, and use the inside-our wrappers as hoods for the little 8” china crib figures.
pocmloc, Nov 30 2013

       We sincerely wish you'd thought a little longer before sharing that with the world, [pom]. It's really quite disturbing. Did you also feel an impulse to waterboard the shepherds, or the Magi ?   

       It could have been worse. At least they weren't pointy white hoods and white robes ...
8th of 7, Nov 30 2013

       Oh I thought long and hard, in fact it has preyed on my mind for at least 5 hours each day in the 7 decades since I was a teenager...
pocmloc, Nov 30 2013

       For some odd reason I like this+
blissmiss, Nov 30 2013

       //I keep reading this as "necromanger"//

I was opting for Necromangé; a sort of Soylent Green version of Pret a Mangé.
DrBob, Nov 30 2013

       //Oh I thought long and hard, in fact it has preyed on my mind for at least 5 hours each day in the 7 decades since I was a teenager...//   

       Yikes, I suck at math so I can only roughly gauge, but... yikes.
You have to let it go man.
If there had been any change things wouldn't be as they are... now.

       That's not a rebuke or a guilt trip, it's an... opportunity.
In no other reality have circumstances lead to this point in time with these people under these conditions.
Carpe friggin diem I say!

       //opting for Necromangé//   

       Let me just head off the "necromenage a trois" annos at the pass.
They would be tasteless... and if not tasteless, they would be at least well past their expiry date.


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