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lawn gnome urn

Make your final internment something creepy/fun for the lawn.
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I've told my parents (and I'm fairly certain they know I'm kidding) that when I die, I want to be cremated and my ashes put not in a normal urn, but within a specially constructed lawn gnome.

The gnome should be a bit stronger than the ordinary type and I think the idea would be even better/creepier if the gnome look a bit like myself.

I'm not sure if ashes could be incorporated into the pottery itself, if so that would be a great feature.

talldave, Sep 24 2008

Ashes In Stone http://www.ashesinstone.com/
It's not quite the same as making a commemorative Garden Gnome filled with one's crematory ashes, but Ashes In Stone will make a piece of statuary commemorating you or your pet or favorite thing from a cast stone product which incorporates your ashes. I like the idea, either way. [jurist, Mar 18 2010]


       // could be incorporated into the pottery itself //   

       Yes, they could. As long as they're ground down fine enough.   

       [+] for the idea.
8th of 7, Sep 24 2008

       Hell yes. Not only should it look like you, it should dress like you, too. The only gnomish things about it would be its stature and conical hat.   

       The best part? Someone might take you on that trip around the world you've always wanted to go on.
phoenix, Sep 24 2008

       + hehe good one - umm, but your screen name [talldave] doesn't denote a gnome!
xandram, Sep 24 2008

       I remember reading an SF story long ago that had one's ancestors bones ground up and used to create fine vases.   

       The hero dismantled an atomic bomb to create fine golden glaze, and was rewarded with his buddy (who was hostile to this particular idea) as a vase.
neelandan, Sep 24 2008

       I would like some techy sole holes and a water channel in the gnome's hat so my fired body can slowly climb back into the circle of life .
wjt, Sep 27 2008

       Incorporate a photovoltaic panel in the design. Add a PIR, a bit of control logic, a pair of red LED or EL eyes, and a couple of small motors; one to cause the head to turn, and the other to allow the gnome to slowly relocate itself at night, when it is sure it isn't being watched.... that would be creepy ......
8th of 7, Sep 28 2008

       I just visualised a graveyard full of these things scattered amongst the headstones.
Flocking spooky's what it is. (+)

       There's no evidence of anyone actually being harmed by an animatronic funeral gnome ....
8th of 7, Sep 29 2008

       Do this over and over for multiple generations, then hang all the representatives of the family tree as an actual Gnome Mobile.   

elhigh, Sep 29 2008

       "Do this over and over for multiple generations, then hang all the representatives of the family tree as an actual Gnome Mobile."
You mean Mobile-Gnome.
phoenix, Sep 29 2008

       No, I think [elhigh] was referencing the g-gnome, and more specifically, the sequencing thereof.
4whom, Sep 29 2008

       So, all the Gnomes will be suspended by twisted-pair strands joined by base pairs ?   

       What if it gets warm, and the proteins de-nature ?
8th of 7, Sep 29 2008

       vaguely evil. (+)
Voice, Sep 30 2008

       I find the gnomonclature in this eulogy to be a bit too cryptic.   

       I don't know about you, but I don't exactly relish the idea of spending eternity stuffed up some gnome's ash-hole.   

       But fear not, I decided to withhold your fishie when I read the part about said gnome bearing a resemblance to the dear departed. Count me as a [ ] neutral.   

       <aside - UB, could it be a sort of poltergnome?>
Canuck, Sep 30 2008

       [+] Enticing concept.   

       Would kinda make me creepier for wanting to have miniaturized lawn gnomes on my dash board. Could be a good story.
BakedRiemannZeta, Mar 17 2010

       I'm totally gonna bake this in 60 odd years [+]   

       This idea + Flocking road cones = EPIC (zombies anyone?)
xxobot, Mar 18 2010

       'I think the idea would be even better/creepier if the gnome look a bit like myself'   

       So, a tall gnome? excellent!
Nelipot, Mar 18 2010


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