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Outlet for neo-nazi angst
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Fascism will never be be eradicated because it fulfills an endogenously created need of the polis to feel like things are under control when in fact they are as they always are.

However, given the tendency of fascist governments to spiral out of control and destroy people and institutions "willy nilly" fascism must never be allowed to take root in any place where there is a population greater than 1 (such a culture is called "autofascist").

Therefor, I propose the evacuation of all people from the continenent of Antartica (there is too much infighting amongst Antarctic Treaty signatories anyway) and the creation there of a Nazi style "Fourth Reich." This would satisfy the need of neo-nazis et al for a fascist homeland, but of course there would be no danger that anyone would get hurt because there would be no one there.

Dolophine, Dec 01 2000

Fascism http://dictionary.r...om/search?q=fascism
For anyone who doesn't know. [DrBob, Oct 04 2004]


       Will no one think about the penguins?
centauri, Dec 01 2000

       And the penguin children?
Monkfish, Dec 01 2000

       eventually they'd get tired of antarctica. then they would try to invade new zealand or chile or something. we'd hear that historically, the falklands are a part of the vaterland.
beppo, Dec 01 2000

       idaho is not a fascist type state, it just tolerates individualists. if you find a land where jews with guns will be tolerated and it can support life (ie farming, minerals) let me know and i will move there-even if my neighbors are aryan wannabees. i support your notion of opening up new lands to people-too bad we've run out of them. new planets, anyone?
sinan314, Dec 03 2000

       'Jews with guns', wouldn't that be Israel?   

       I'm for a new planet...if they'd allow me an airtight tent, a box of MRE's and a couple of plants, I'll set up a colony on the Moon...
StarChaser, Dec 03 2000

       With or without heavily armed penguins?
DrBob, Dec 04 2000

       They'd have to have their own tent.
StarChaser, Dec 05 2000

       Careful, Starchaser. You didn't ask for any air. You wouldn't want to decompress before you got a cycle going with your plants.
hello_c, Dec 05 2000

       Gotta have a space suit to get into the tent, and it'll have air...
StarChaser, Dec 08 2000

       Sure it'll have air, for a few hours.   

       Too bad you forgot the heater, too, since the dark side of the moon is near absolute zero. Or some kind of cooling unit if you choose the light side, since it's a few hundred degrees above the freezing point of water.   

       Nice thing about it is that you'll either be able to feast on roast penguin, or freeze them until you run out of MREs.
BigThor, Dec 08 2000

       That was a JOKE, dude...   

       I got the name 'StarChaser' from a group of people in school, some sort of quiz thing. One of the questions was 'If you had only a 50% chance of returning safely, would you go into space?' Everybody else said no, I said 'Like a shot', and added the bit about the tent. Someone called me 'one of those damn star-chasers', and I kept the name.
StarChaser, Dec 09 2000

       And here I thought Idaho was only known for potatos.
batgirl, Dec 10 2000

       I have a friend who's an avowed fascist - she believes that it's human nature to subscribe to the philosophy subcontiously, so why not admit it?   

       I find that people like to attack philosophies because they've been told they're bad. Witness Communism. I myself waver on fascism, though.
Deity, Jun 18 2001

       Idaho is a nice place. Patrick McManus is from Idaho, as are many trout; if trout have no subconcious (tiny brains, no room) then they cannot be facists. McManus professes to love the company of trout--he has many humorous stories about seeking them out--so he is probably not a fascist either. Quod erat idiotum.
Dog Ed, Jun 18 2001

       Do you think the penguins care about facism? ^_^ Anyways, we should set off a bomb in the ocean just to show nazis we still have a couple A-bombs left. Then they'll just hang out on desert islands in exile. The germans don't want 'em.
Shadow777, Feb 28 2003

       What a weird thread. At least I learned the word "endogenous."   

       I wish I could discuss [Deity]'s fascist friend's beliefs with her. I've never met (someone who claims to be) a fascist.
snarfyguy, Mar 01 2003

DrBob, Mar 03 2003

       Hmmmm. facsist state on the moon? Well first we'ld,, ah wait sec.....   

       I wonder if the moon has a molten core or is it cold? If it's cold, and, If you dug all the way down (or enough), would you get to have a gravity free penthouse apartment?   

       With the right girls I'ld consider Fascism, (but only if I give the orders, over here girls!)(Thank god I'm married, I'ld be diabalical!)
arilea, Jun 07 2003


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