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Model Prisoner Jail

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By quantum entanglement, you could entangle the convict, and place a small model of them in a very small jail.

The cost savings would be significant, only need one guard, and in the event of a riot you'd only need one can of tear gas. Visitors would needed to be frisked for tiny contraband items and so on.

Should the Prisons Commission want to inspect it, you can just send it around in a taxi, with a magnifying glass.

As for quantum tunnelling, the entire jail is enclosed in a Klein bottle.

not_morrison_rm, Sep 03 2014


       Why not just shrink them with a shrink ray instead of worrying about that quantum entanglement stuff?
DIYMatt, Sep 03 2014

       Well, at least it's not in other:general.
normzone, Sep 03 2014

       No, that would be Guantanamo Bay, shirley ?
8th of 7, Sep 03 2014

       <cymbal sting>
8th of 7, Sep 04 2014

       It was merely cymbalic.   

       Anyway in the US it's referred to Camp Gitmo, with the first word and the first three letters of the last word as a tribute to the US prez who started this off..
not_morrison_rm, Sep 04 2014

       Who, William McKinley … ?
8th of 7, Sep 04 2014

       It's a palindrome...
not_morrison_rm, Sep 04 2014

       One of those like, little scaly creatures, with the long nose, eats ants ? Little red piggy eyes, big claws, bad tempered ?
8th of 7, Sep 04 2014

       Nahh, that's a palanquin...   

       Guard: "You! Drop that shiv!"   

       Prisoner: says something completely inaudible as it's so quiet and high-pitched..   

       Guard fetches large magnifying glass to find the shiv...   

       I mean...this is so much more fun than a boring old full-size prison..
not_morrison_rm, Sep 04 2014


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