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A house made of Nerf - the ultimate in safety and fun!
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A house completely constructed out of Nerf (and just enough bendy material to keep it upright). Gramma's trip n' fall down the stairs will result in piles of laughter, not a pile of broken bones! Never worry about slamming your fingers in a door, cupboard, or any other hinged surface. In fact, slam your head in the refrigerator with the door just for the heck of it! The childrens' relentless wrestling will never again result in broken furniture, loud noises, or put out eyes! Fun! *squoosh* Fun!
hEADcRASH, Nov 25 2001

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       You've been practising on a real house, haven't you?
angel, Nov 26 2001

       Croissant - and a word of warning. Despite all of the advantages, there is a big problem with fire. Ever seen Nerf stuff burn? A house of the stuff would burn very quickly and would produce lots of noxious fumes.   

       Otherwise - COOL! And, it will float when the flood comes.
quarterbaker, Nov 26 2001

       This would be fun! Except, of course, when it rains, or snows. Then the whole house would be squishy. And, your dogs could chew up the entire house!
sinister_minister, Nov 26 2001

       I've heard the concept of Nerf World before...a place where stockbrokers leap out the windows on _good_ market days and the homeless leap into traffic purely for amusement.
mazo, Nov 26 2001

       I'd be worried it'd collapse on me and suffocate me in my sleep. Nerf isn't the best building material.
pottedstu, Nov 26 2001

       I thought a NerfHome would be where nerfs end up once you've herded them.
Guy Fox, Nov 27 2001

       Where I used to work, they were constantly ripping out walls and putting in new walls with every fluctuation of the org chart. I used to think they should just replace all the walls in the building with Legos, then they wouldn't need to employ full time drywall crews. Of course there would always be the risk that someone might come in at night and steal office space from their neighbor.
elizilla, Nov 27 2001

       Guy Fox - you a Star Wars fan or a fan of the band?
AfroAssault, Nov 27 2001

       Wondered if anyone would pick that up, Afro. Both in a kinda sorta mebbe way. Haven't heard much NerfHerder but what I have heard sounds like my kinda music. And the holy wonder which is Star Wars is only tainted by the abomination of the Episode That Shall Not Be Named.
Guy Fox, Nov 27 2001

       holy $#!t that's funny! my engineering analysis professor is probably still wondering why im laughing in class. should stop reading this stuff during class.
tkeyser, Nov 27 2001


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