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Pill Bottle Time Stamp

Clock on the cap of the pill bottle says when it was last opened
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With all you do in the day/morning/evening/etc it becomes very frustrating if you find you have to take meds and can't remember if you've taken them or not. I've found standard-size pharmacy bottle caps that will alarm at a specific time - I bought 3 caps and while 1 came broken, the other 2 lasted no more than a few months before they too broke. I wasn't really satisfied with what they did anyway. I really want a cap that has 2 readouts on the lid. I want a clock on the top readout that I can set and a readout below it that tells what the clock read when the cap was last opened. I don't ever want to wonder if the meds that I'm only having to take for 3 weeks but that I need to take exactly 20 minutes before I can eat anything every time I am about to have a meal have been taken. I can't imagine what it must be like for older and even more forgetful folk. No wonder they get crotchety when "forgetting to take meds" is used as an excuse to send them to assisted living facilities!
gnarlyis3, Nov 15 2008

antibiotic timer bottle antibiotic_20timer_20bottle
"...a timer device on the neck of the bottle to alert time to be given and also record when the last dose was administered." [phoenix, Nov 16 2008]

electric pillbox electric_20pillbox
"A container for contraceptive pills that starts beeping...if it hasn't been opened in 26 hours..." [phoenix, Nov 16 2008]


       Sounds good to me. For saving costs, you might want to make this lid one that you put on any new bottle of pills, rather than one which comes with the bottle.   

       If that's what you meant all along, sorry.
dbmag9, Nov 19 2008

       Maybe a light-sensitive coating could be applied to the underside of the lid. Then when it's opened, it changes color, and stays that way for, say, 4 hours after it's closed. (Adjustable by the pharmacist.) After that time, it is the old color again.   

       Then you can easily inspect whether you've taken the pill just now or not.
phundug, Feb 04 2009


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