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Power-socket Stickers

Saving just one child makes them worthwhile
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I know there are lots of devices around to discourage or prevent rug-rats from poking found- objects into power sockets.

The devices all cost cash you don't have, or you just never get around to fitting them.

So ... since having had a big scare once, and stuck with minding a great-grand rug-rats again in an unsafe house, here's what I did.

I cut pieces out of plain white [hence unattractive] shelf-plastic and pressed them over the offending sockets when the kids couldn't see me. No rug-rat even looked at them.

Here's the halfbaked bit.

Electricity suppliers, in need of a good-guys image could/should give away attractive cards of [plain] SocketStickers with the usual self-praise all over the card. No matter, if just one sticker saves just one child from harm.

rayfo, Sep 27 2000




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