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Nervous System

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This is a computer that is engineered to shake or vibrate when it is processing. The vibration can be tied to CPU usage

the purpose is to help people feel good and understand that the decisions they make can have an impact

vfrackis, Dec 12 2012

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       It's going to take more than that...
normzone, Dec 12 2012

       Beyond [norm]'s astoat observation, how exactly does a vibrating computer induce calm or teach personal accountability?
Alterother, Dec 12 2012

       Astoat. Boy, you really had me there. I gave it some thought and I believe you must have intended astute.   

       Besides, my computer already does this.
normzone, Dec 12 2012

       Actually, I think he probably meant a weasel.
ytk, Dec 12 2012

       You're thinking of baboons.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 12 2012

       Well, NOW I am. Thanks a lot [Max]. Just what I needed when I'm trying to get some work done while my computer shakes and vibrates.   

       I hope you feel good that you made an impact.
normzone, Dec 12 2012


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