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Fruit Punch Cart

A computerized display using fruits as pixels
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Our device is a suitably high resolution honeycomb lattice capable of holding a typical circular fruit, and baskets or buckets of said fruits, perhaps previously color sorted. The overall display looks more or less as a fruit farm stand would look like.

Armed with one or more dexterous robot arms, a camera, and software able to detect colors, when presented with a desired image, our Fruit Punch Cart assembles the image on the honeycomb lattice by selecting the appropriately colored fruits and placing them in the appropriate pixel location.

theircompetitor, Sep 03 2011


       What happens when the car hits it during the car chase scene ?
8th of 7, Sep 03 2011

       I think it's a marker of the hb that there's two normal ways of reading the title, I assumed it was a third, and the idea is actually a fourth.   

       [+] regardless.
FlyingToaster, Sep 03 2011

       [+] hoping this could be combined somehow with a fruit machine (AKA "one armed bandit").
mouseposture, Sep 03 2011


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