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Nested Cookbook

First grow beans, then grind beans and pour water on them.
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...but there's a hole in the bucket.

It is hard to believe that this doesn't exist yet, so there will probably be one popping up any minute now.

I would very much like to see a real, (but it will most likely have to be an on-line), recursive cookbook.
Every step of every recipe in the book is broken down into sub-recipes for all ingredients.
The utensils, cast iron pans, cookware and pottery are also broken down in a how to DIY format.

There should also be a section on paper and ink production so that the book itself could be remade by folks with a Lot of time on their hands.

First grow beans. http://www.coffeere...fee/homegrowing.htm
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 27 2010]

No, first make soil to grow the beans in http://tomclothier.hort.net/page24.html
[pocmloc, Nov 27 2010]

Like this idea... Pseudocode_20Libraries
... but applied to cooking. [Jinbish, Nov 27 2010]

The Gastronome Codex The_20Gastronome_20Codex
Similar. [DrBob, Nov 27 2010, last modified Nov 28 2010]

linky for book making http://www.mothteeth.com/bookmaking/
[xandram, Nov 28 2010]


       hmmm Thank you. That will be a better name.
My understanding of the word recursive is...was something that could be broken down into its constituent parts and then those parts broken down and so on etc.
I should have looked it up first but;
[of, relating to, or constituting a procedure that can repeat itself indefinitely],
is pretty close to what I meant.


You will need: 2 eggs, cheese and/or mushrooms.

You will need: 1 female chicken.

You will need: A chicken egg.
Loris, Nov 27 2010

       The chicken/egg problem is totally solved already! (by me of course). The final iteration of the chicken was not born, and did not mutate after birth, so the egg came first!
twitch, Nov 28 2010

       is a chicken egg *from* a chicken, or *containing* a chicken.
FlyingToaster, Nov 28 2010

       [[+]] I like your idea, but first you must learn to make a book. [see link]
xandram, Nov 28 2010


       In that case : first, evolve your chicken.
Loris, Nov 28 2010

       No! First, invent evolution.
pocmloc, Nov 29 2010

       "If you want to make an apple pie from scratch..."   

       This sounds like one of those halfbaked ideas, that takes something as simple as boiling water, and makes a mountain out of a mole hill. Yay ++++++
blissmiss, Nov 29 2010


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