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rhyming thesaurus

reference material for hip hoppers
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Simply a reference book to check words which rhyme with one another. e.g. half bakery could rhyme with slim shady tee hee
johnny_smooth, Apr 23 2001

Plenty of them http://www.google.c...=rhyming+dictionary
[blahginger, Apr 23 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Except halfbakery and shady tee hee do not mean the same thing...you want a rhyming dictionary, and I am sure they are out there....probably on-line.
blahginger, Apr 23 2001

       Personally i find the idea of a rhyming dinosaur preposterous
chimpboy, Apr 24 2001

       There was a young writer called johnny,
Who's rhymes weren't oft on the money, (like that one)
He'd rhyme Anchisaurus,
With a blonde who was Taurus,
And not be particularly funny.
and a lifeless limerick as well....

       Did you know that there are five words in the english language which have no one word rhyme?
I'll start you off with one : orange
goff, Apr 25 2001

       There's a lot more than five words, goff.
bookworm, Apr 25 2001

       arrange? (near rhyme)   

       but find a rhyme for month (besides "once" and it's exact rhymes...)
globaltourniquet, Apr 25 2001


       Roses are red
Violets are purple
When Dawn and I trap-shot
I liked to have her 'pull'.
supercat, Apr 25 2001


       In the month of September I went out the tenth,
having gone out the ninth on the previous month.
For if in one month I go out on the nth
in the next month I'll go out on the n-plus-one'th.
supercat, Apr 25 2001

       goff: the common list of words without 'good' rhymes includes purple (see above), orange (door hinge), silver (pilfer), and month (see above). The only common single-syllable word I've not seen on such lists is flange, but there are many polysyllabic words without rhymes.   

       On a more interesting note: figure out what's special about the following list of words: fly, draw, grow, slay [hint: look at past-tense forms]. Can you come up with a list of ten or more words with the same property?
supercat, Apr 25 2001

       I was looking for rhymes for purples and silvers
Some poems are healthy but this is an ill verse
globaltourniquet, Apr 25 2001

       I gave this rhyme task to my peotry pupil
but he was dyslexic and rhymed words to pruple
globaltourniquet, Apr 25 2001

       (the really amusing part is, I didn't even mean to write "peotry"...)
globaltourniquet, Apr 25 2001

       Even when, till the playoffs, there remains but a month
The coach with the lisp always gives up and punts.
globaltourniquet, Apr 25 2001

       I know of a word that doesn't rhyme with anything.   

Eins, Jan 05 2003


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