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Neurolinguistic programming honest placebos

Research says placebos work even if you say they are placebos. Making the pills have an active physical component like a drink lid pushbutton or a scratch-off patch causes the person to become more pill aware from NLP
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I read that even if you tell a person they are getting a placebo it still works. [link]

Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is a slightly dodgy word for combining an idea or thought with a touch to give it greater durability and effectiveness.

I think a physician could honestly say "people that press the little pop button or use the scratch off on their pills experience greater effectiveness at scientific studies, I encourage you to press the little button" This would be used to increase the effectiveness of actual drugs, so it is an effect amplifier rather that a true neutral placebo.

Now, about the pill improvements. You might have seen a a fast food soft drink lid with little one-use buttons on it that are fun to press.[link] The effect looks a little like going from a smooth surface to a dimple. I think gelatin capsules could do this. Just press on the bubble before taking the pill. No it does not do anything to the medication, it just physicalizes the placebo effect.

Another possibility is that silver scratch-off stuff. Put it on the side of the pill, make it unusually easy to scratch off, and perhaps hide a medical cross or caduceus underneath it.

Another possibility is color direction. I think I read that red placebos were more effective than other colors. Have a two color pill and instruct them to put it in their mouth red end first.

So, it is regular medicine, increasing effectiveness with an honest, measurable NLP placebo effect.

beanangel, Mar 27 2018

Placebo effect works even when you know its a placebo https://www.health....lacebo-201607079926
[beanangel, Mar 27 2018]

push button drink lid image http://1000awesomet...soft-drink-cup-lid/
[beanangel, Mar 27 2018]


       The definition might have changed, but last I heard NLP was an attempt to do a buffer overflow on a human brain by overloading them with so much information they forget their objections to whatever it is you're selling.
Voice, Mar 27 2018

       [Ian], this is a [beany] idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 27 2018

       //Trump// //by osmosis//   

       There just has to be an idea in there somewhere, not serious one of course, a funny one.
Skewed, Mar 27 2018


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