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pill container of usefulness

high compliance pill container that creates new more effective prescribable medication form
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I think I read that only 3/5 of people used prescription medication as directed generally skipping or ignoring their medication was the thing that concerned physicians

This pill container is both more functional as a pill reminder plus it creates a new way to blend medication

visualize a typical pill container though with three or four stacked compartments

each partial compartment contains a few days of pills

to gain access to subsequent compartments just squeeze the sides

The patient percieves each partial container as a "minilevel" or attainable behavior

The physician notes from studies that most people cease taking their 14 days of pills at day 11 Thus the third compartment contains gradual 3 day time release medication to give the patient the right dosage whether the slack at a predictable time or dutifully use all the medication

the physician could even use an MBTI type test then prescribe the partial containers to have high utility medications on the persons actual likelihood of taking all the pills

remember that anything that gets a ten pt compliance improvement of prescription medications affects hundreds of millions of people a number of times during their lives Thus a niftier pill container may benefit billions of disease cure events

beanangel, Sep 11 2009




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