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Oral Froth Chewing Gum

Fun at both ends!
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Great Taste & Glycerine Liquid Filled

Have you ever placed dish washing detergent into an actual dishwasher and experienced a fury of bubbles filling up a kitchen.

Well you get the same effect from this chewing gum that will result in 2 potential outcomes.

Bubbles will pour from your mouth as you chew out of control.

Or you could attempt to consume all of the bubbles and impress everyone with your ability to expel extreme gas.

vfrackis, Mar 10 2009


       "Not Rabies! Oral Froth Chewing Gum!"
bungston, Mar 10 2009

       I am not convinced that either of these products are the same as Oral Froth Chewing Gum, similar but not the same.
vfrackis, Mar 11 2009

       Similar enough to make it baked as far as I'm concerned.
xenzag, Mar 11 2009

       I thought Oral Froth was slang for evangelical enthusiasm, no?
Canuck, Mar 11 2009

       What? You're gonna put dish detergent in gum? And it's baked by using plausible detergents and you won't accept that? What a guy or girl.
daseva, Mar 11 2009

       I should point out that the froth would come in a variety of colors, and be suitable for rearrangement to form simulacra of beards and moustaches.
bungston, May 08 2012


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