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New Halfbakery Comments on Top

New comments go on the top
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All im proposing is the newest halfbakery comments go to the top because I find it a bit tedious always having to scroll all the way down.
letstopsmoking, Aug 01 2008

yawn... Solution_20to_20the...posting_22_20debate
[hippo, Aug 01 2008]


       tedeous? after a whole day?
po, Aug 01 2008

       well youtube does it and I think its smart
letstopsmoking, Aug 01 2008

       Alternately, you could turn your screen upside-down, or stand on your head.   

       Now you mention YouTube, you remind me of what it is that makes me feel uncomfortable about the layout of that site.   

       Whenever a comment is a response to something similar, you have to delve into the comment history before you know what it is talking about.   

       Top-Posted comments are fine if all people are going to say is "COOL! Great Abs!" or "She's all heart!" or "Hahahahahaha! SOOOO Funny" etc - but when the comments start responding to one another, linking semantically to one another, rather than the headline item, bottom posting is the natural thing to do. That way you can read the ebb and flow of the comment-stream in a way that mirrors the natural development of the conversation.
zen_tom, Aug 01 2008

       Annotations commonly follow an order that is intended to be read chronologically. This would mess up that and then we wouldn't be happy anymore.
daseva, Aug 01 2008

       yea your right tom I didnt think about commens replying to one another.
letstopsmoking, Aug 01 2008

       (sp. "tedious")
hippo, Aug 01 2008

       yea thanks hippo
letstopsmoking, Aug 01 2008

       On the other hand a "jump to most recent" button would be kind of nice especially for those ideas that generate a lot of conversation.
jhomrighaus, Aug 01 2008

       What, like the "recent" link on the left?
jtp, Aug 01 2008

       What zen_tom said.   

       Ian, the halfbakery software doesn't keep per-user idea visit data like that - I didn't want to write to the database every time a user clicks on something. (Of course, the web server itself does do that, so it's not impossible.) I have tried out jumping to the first annotation since the user's last *session*, and it felt claustrophobic - I wanted more context than that gave me. There's probably a "sweet spot" a few annotations back that would work, especially in combination with a bookmark of some sort that points to where one left off.
jutta, Aug 01 2008

       If scrolling to the end of the conversation seems too tedious one can always just press the "End" button located on most standard keyboards and jump to the final and most recent comments. Problem sorted.
jurist, Aug 01 2008

       [jurist] thanks for that - if I knew that before I'd forgotten it!
po, Aug 01 2008

       I thought the whole point of the site was to keep those of us who were stuck in cubicles at work all day. otherwise occupied. The more to read/scroll/muck through, the better.   

       Less time working or being productive=:-)   

       More time working=;-(
blissmiss, Aug 01 2008

       I was going to suggest this, but figured I'd get mugged. I read the HB usually on my phone during breif moments of inactivity and finding the latest post to "N-Prize" takes forever. I understand the argument for top down listing, but I don't have an "end" key so would love a "go to bottom/go to most recent" I have seen on many sites. This still may not help me though as this phone's browser is probably not what Jutta is designing for.
MisterQED, Aug 01 2008

       Is it really the navigation that takes long, or the download?   

       You're using low-res mode, right?   

       Which phone/browser software is this?   

       We could have a jump-to-the-end button if the idea is really long or has more than N annotations - that way, we don't clutter up the usual shorter pages.
jutta, Aug 01 2008

       [jutta] I have a Motorola Q with Win Mobile 6 and the browser does pretty well with the site. I don't use the low res site, the regular res looks perfect. I set the browser for single column almost always. This turns the site into a single tall column. I have no touch screen so I just arrow down to get to the bottom of the ideas as I generally read the annos as they are made. Even the longest ideas will load and format in seconds but on heavily commented ideas I just hold down the down arrow and wait the 15 seconds till the scrolling ends.   

       I like the previous ideas for a subtle link that would just drop me to the bottom of the page, using the title makes sense.   

       Just did an rough timing and it took 10 seconds to open "N-Prize" and 70 seconds to get to the bottom on this phone.
MisterQED, Aug 02 2008

       I don't know if maybe I'm missing a trick, but with "(Mostly) Lame Halfbakery Taglines" I have to search around quite a bit to find the latest morsel, since it isn't at the end. Ditto most ideas by Vernon.
Ling, Aug 02 2008

       So i think there should be a most recent but and when you open the page it is on the same format as now.
letstopsmoking, Aug 03 2008

       what jhomrighaus said.
Voice, Aug 05 2008

       you could go to Multiply and they let you set up your annos like that...
xandram, Aug 05 2008

       I deleted my Multiply account earlier this year in a fit of electronic tidying-up.
hippo, Aug 05 2008

       Can't get in. I'm away from home for a couple of months, and the Naziware at work has decided that Multiply is a Dating Site.
egbert, Aug 05 2008

       good lord, I may have to start phoning people.   

       eggy, does that mean that home is here if you know what I mean?
po, Aug 05 2008

       Home is wherever he leaves his hat.
hippo, Aug 05 2008

       Home is wherever he leaves his croissant.
Jinbish, Aug 05 2008

       My Hat Stand also serves croissants, in addition to breakfast burritos and tiffin falafels. We're multicultural.
jurist, Aug 06 2008

       //Which phone/browser software is this?//   

       I have recently taken to reading the halfbakery on my "nokia 2600 classic" using its built in browser and "opera mini" which was downloaded from somewhere. One has me logged in, which is convenient for posting a quick (and short) annotation while waiting for the coffee to cool at the cafeteria.   

       Browsing large ideas frequently give me a "out of memory" error. It takes a long time to scroll to the bottom of popular, and therefore frequently annotated, ideas. I am scrolling past stuff I have read which takes time.   

       Once ideas have grown past a certain size, the */lr version could be divided into pages, so mobile readers could jump to the last page if that is what they want.   

       While still keeping to the chronological order of things.   

       <disclaimer> This was posted using the computer </d>
neelandan, Oct 07 2008

       //tedeous? after a whole day?// Be fair. It hardly ever takes that long.   

       //the comments start responding to one another, linking semantically to one another// Hahahahahaha! SOOOO Funny.
spidermother, May 01 2011

       With cookie use, each idea could remember which annotation you last viewed, and start you right at that anno when you view an idea.
phundug, May 02 2011

       This is the final annotation.
normzone, May 02 2011

RayfordSteele, May 02 2011

blissmiss, May 03 2011

       Hey! What I said!   

       [letstopsmoking] has posted three ideas and three annos since 2008.
normzone, May 03 2011

       //[letstopsmoking] has posted three ideas and three annos since 2008.// emphysema...
4whom, May 03 2011


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