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New Statuary Types

and examples...
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SIGNPOST STATUARY: Creative alternatives, or addtions to, posted signs.

"You are Here"
die-cast, annotated models of the park/center/zoo/whatever. Those "map" signs are just much too tacky for some locations.

"Public Washrooms":
statue of a bathroom stall from which water continuously flows out the bottom; look underneath and you can see a pair of legs and the bottom of a newspaper

"Maintenance Building":
a figure industriously mopping at a large puddle which is fed by a spritzing leak from the back of the cleaning bucket

Coffee Shop Smoking Area:
"Cuppa", open-top coffee cup mug with a bench round the inside wall. Hides smokers from the view of children and produces a "steaming mug" effect while in use.

STATUES' STATUES: primary purpose is regarding other statues.

"The Scarecrow"
Outflung arms provide resting spots for pigeons and the large bowl it stands in collects free fertilizer for park plants.

"Kid With BB Gun"
rotates on a cam to consistently aim half an inch above the other statues' top surfaces; shoots ice BB's to warn off illegaly parked pigeons.

"Right This Way"
motions passers-by towards the main statue or statuary.


"The Finger(s)" "The Upraised Fist" "Peace Sign"
These can all be rotated on their bases to point in the direction of other countries, states, cities, or even the local City Hall, but a large number of people is required to shift them around.

"Civic Pride"
A 3d jigsaw, the pieces of which electromagnetically fall off regularly, but can be re-emplaced by individuals or groups of passers-by depending on the size.

FlyingToaster, May 28 2008


       erm.. statue types
Voice, May 29 2008

       eh ?
FlyingToaster, May 29 2008

       statue, not pertaining to law
Voice, May 29 2008

       Clever, and appropriate to be erected where current society is hauling down statues of past societies.
whatrock, Jun 04 2020

       [+] Language independent, but still may have cultural stature.
wjt, Jun 06 2020


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