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OvenFridge Building

cheap heat/cooling system
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Allwalla hascome to to town again.

Remember the last time he came here?

He built that weird fridge oven.

The oven is insulated by sundried bricks and works by focusing frensel lenses onto a metal radiator.

Sundried, no more! A cooking chamber, a smelting chamber, a steaming chamber, plus a lobby to loiter in when days are cold.

In back of the oven building is the fridge building. Airspaces, of course separate.

At night, the fresnel lenses on the oven building are covered by a rolling insulating roof. The covering opens the fridge room roof pool to the cooling effect of long wave radiation.

Zimmy, May 05 2011


       This is a very [Zimmy] idea and I like it! [+]
xandram, May 05 2011

       Cool idea. Dropped like a stone though.   


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