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New way to crush rocks make cheap stuff cheaper with pressure point tesselation

Thag Grind rocks then regroup to make pointy pointy crush crush making cheap stuff cheaper with pressure point tesselation combinations
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Thag Grind rocks then regroup to make pointy pointy crush crush make cheap stuff cheaper with pressure point tesselation combinations, also math!

This idea is pretty much as Thag presents it Just grind rocks to slightly different shapes then recombine them such that their contact points are narrower then under the rock crushers pressure they make more fine powder which is often the point of crushing rocks

I think I read that more than a trillion tons of rocks are crushed each year to eventually make things It was near 3 to 11 pt of human energy use on earth (depends on how you view cement)

A researcher from Germany figured out that high pressure rock crushing caused more powder then devised a way to bring the efficiency of rock crushers from near .5 to near 2 or 3 pt This idea of pregrinding to shapes that will create the narrowest energy optimized contact points is apparently novel or was about a decade ago

The pressure tesselations might be different than one thinks possibly little blobs cogrinding long oblates or rounded chunks cogrinding jaggy blobs Its a great opportunity to use the physics simulators of graphics cards to do genetic algorithms on grindable shapes

One way to make rock crushing more effective is to build rock crusher contact surfaces with higher strength metals one approach to this is a an eccentric (non circular yet similar to circular) long rotation that has a much longer travel contact path than a circle Visualize a bike wheel on its side rotating as it nears the ground The actual contact suface travels a long wobbly noncircular path

Now if that were a contact surface it would mean that the duty cycle or contact time of any particular micrometer of the edge would be much less than perfect rotation on an edge That means that different metal alloys could be used whether they were stiffer (yet possibly brittle thus requiring a different duty cycle) or had angular grain that made them harder along one direction Its an eccentric orbital approach to a wider range of engineering materials to crush rocks

beanangel, Jul 01 2010

Pet Rock craze of the 70s http://petarock.hom....com/1970craze.html
What have they got left to live for - gravel [Grogster, Jul 03 2010]


       [beanangel] did you seriously just say that entire monologue in your head with no punctuation except of course for the comma and exclamation point, strategically placed in the first paragraph!   

       (and yes I do give you kudos for using both paragraphs and parenthesis as well as Capitalizing Letters to Denote the Beginning of a Sentence Or at least Id like to think so)   

       I shall Bun you this fine day [+] but not for the original idea rather I am Bunning you for putting the thought into my head that gravel might have pressure points which to my way of thinking reminds me of the pressure points on people that acupuncturists and acupressurists take advantage of The point is I was wondering if the pain inflicted on gravel may be relieved by targeting its little pressure points (If one might find some consistency in pressure points from one bit of gravel to the next and further if these pressure points do indeed exist how would you determine whether a gravel pressure point was useful for relieving its pain or assisting it in its effort to stop smoking)   

       This idea is not so far fetched as one might think Please recall the Pet Rock craze many years ago [link] I must admit I never had one because I figured that might be just one more thing Id have to put a leash on and take for a walk outside Its bad enough to carry your doody bag and rubber gloves for Fido let alone your Pet Rock   

       And as long as Im at it where did all those Pet Rocks go You know it is entirely possible that it is those very Pet Rocks that are down there at the gravel yard waiting to meet their doom Whos to say they just didnt grow despondent after being tossed out of the house They very well may have been thinking Pressure points be damned Im cashing in my (gravel) chips I cant stand being that neighbor dogs target one more minute   

       Of course for a Pet Rock finding your way down to the gravel yard would be a logistical nightmare since of course they dont have legs dang it And lets not forget that they dont just plop a gravel yard down in the middle of a residential neighborhood you know It might very well be miles from home much to the delight of the neighborhood residents Im sure   

       Oh well at least I quit thinking about baseball
Grogster, Jul 03 2010

       To summarize,
1. There's a pre-existing idea about pre-processing rocks so that they get ground finer (or to the same granularity, but more energy-efficiently?) later on.
2. The original idea here is to change the shapes of the metal surfaces of rock-crushers, so they're more like off-centered emery wheels, thereby modifying the contact time and contact path of any given point on the contact surface, compared to a plain old circular wheel.

       But, but... how are the two related?   

       I'm interested, because my current work is tangentially related to rock-crushing, and Thag may well be part of my user base.
pertinax, Jul 04 2010

       Are we giving awards for longest idea name? Or economy of period usage?
Cedar Park, Jul 04 2010

       What's the energy trade-off between shaping the rocks and using them unshaped but finding them harder to crush? How does this help Tessa?
vincevincevince, Jul 05 2010

       I think the periods are there, [Cedar Park], they're just ground down too fine to see.
pertinax, Jul 05 2010

       I always thought the best powdration devices were ball-mills A cylinder inclined slightly from the horizontal is fed with large-lump stuff and set to rotate As the stuff is lifted up the side of the cylinder rolls over and falls back on itself with the aid of a few heavy balls it almost gets to grind itself in a manner not dissimilar to the way sand is ground out of rock on the coast.
zen_tom, Jul 08 2010


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