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Vacuum Blender

Double-walled blender vessel.
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Everyone enjoys a good blend. Apparently, not me though, people always want to blend at such uncouth hours. Then, they seem keen on blending ice, rocks or church bells. The point is, they're uncivilized kitchen appliances. So, to control the noise, I propose that the blending vessel be a vacuum flask kind of construction. This will have many benefits. 1. The device will be less noisy. 2. Once the icy concoction has been blended, it will stay icy for longer. Problems: Getting the drive through to the blades might be a bit more tricky, nowhere near impossible though... maybe the very centre of the base doesn't need the double wall.... The motor will still be noisy, but if quietness is a selling point, the manufacturers might deploy some standard motor quietening strategies.
bs0u0155, Sep 02 2013

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       Won't work; too much accoustic energy will be transmitted through the structure- the vacuum will have little or no effect.   

       You'll have to put an accoustic enclosure over the entire device.
8th of 7, Sep 02 2013

       Move the blender to a different wing.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 02 2013

       Or buy a house in the mountains with no neighbors for three miles in any direction. Nice and quiet up here...
Alterother, Sep 02 2013

       Shirley just placing a second blender would, if spinning in the opposite direction as the first one, emit a sound wave with the same amplitude but with an inverted phase than the original effectively cancelling any and all sound.   

       In space nobody can hear ice cream.
rcarty, Sep 02 2013

       The Blendtec Q-Series ICB7 has a plastic cover with a rubber seal around the bottom that significantly reduces noise.
DIYMatt, Sep 02 2013

       //In space nobody can hear ice cream//   

       SOooo [marked-for-tagline].   

       A + for any method...in my local coffee shop, all conversation stops when the blender starts. The safety nannies at the factory would require ear protection for the user (not to mention safety glasses, gloves and hard hat).
Ling, Sep 02 2013

       Double eye protection for any order including nuts, candy, or cookie chunks...
Alterother, Sep 03 2013

       //The Blendtec Q-Series ICB7 has a plastic cover with a rubber seal around the bottom that significantly reduces noise//   

       it costs more and has more horsepower than my first car..
bs0u0155, Sep 03 2013

       How is the suction applied?
the porpoise, Sep 03 2013

       at the factory, it's a double-walled vacuum flask, with whizzy blades inside.
bs0u0155, Sep 03 2013

       Church bells? Blended? Maybe shaken, but surely not stirred.
normzone, Sep 03 2013

       You're making this too simple.   

       1) Open outer sphere.
2) Open inner sphere.
3) Place ingredients in inner sphere.
4) Remove battery powered blender motor from charger and insert in inner sphere.
5) Close inner sphere.
6) Close outer sphere.
8) Engage vacuum pump to evacuate air betwen inner and outer sphere.
7) Engage maglev unit which interacts with magnets in mixing motor to levitate inner sphere in relation to outer.
9) Blend!!!

       Oops, now I need to find a way to quiet that vacuum pump down a bit...
scad mientist, Sep 03 2013

       From the title I had expected a new method of blending, i.e. via explosive decompression.   

       Surely the best blender would simply be one of those forging steam hammers, just chuck the ingredients onto the anvil and in one swish movement a thin layer of smooth liquid covers every available surface. Mark II could feature a collection funnel.
mitxela, Sep 04 2013

       maybe if it were double-walled AND we evacuated the air out of the main chamber? We could probably make up some spurious nonsense about the absence of oxygen preserving the vitamin c or something....
bs0u0155, Sep 04 2013

       //Getting the drive through to the blades might be a bit more tricky// It wouldn't be if you put the drive in the lid, like a milkshake mixer.
FlyingToaster, Sep 04 2013

       // quiet that vacuum pump //   

       Use a diffusion pump backed by a cryo-sorbtion pump - they're completely silent in operation.
8th of 7, Sep 04 2013

       About two or three years ago, I wanted to try to build a vacuum blender. The benefit I wanted, though, was easier mixing-in of powders (e.g. protein powder) because the air would not get between the powder particles and the liquid.
notexactly, May 21 2017


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