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News Countdown

What comming down the pipe?
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I'm constantly surfing around the net and noting news events that are upcoming and of importance. Like when is "Super Tuesday" or what date is "your favorite movie" going to the big screen?

The idea is to have a news page that shows a long vertical list of item separated out by day (or option for month, year, etc). You can filter the topic of interest as well.

So you can scroll down the page and see what's going to happen this month. (i.e. DNC is at the end of the month; or Bush's last day in office; or Russia's new Prime minister begins office; or etc...

If you like to keep dibs on an event it would allow you to "star it" and save it off into your favorites that would also be viewable in a chronological list view.

Does anyone know of a site like this? Could also be useful for seeing events that happened in the past... (i.e. the day Obama became the Democratic chosen..)

proee, Jun 05 2008

Halfbakery: Reality Guide Reality_20Guide
Similar idea. [jutta, Jun 05 2008]

Bush Countdown https://addons.mozi.../firefox/addon/3792
A Firefox plugin to number Bush's days. [Laughs Last, Jun 05 2008]


       // when is "Super Tuesday"//
The day after Super Monday?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 05 2008


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