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Newscaster Handover Conversation Termination

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When finishing a conversation with a person, signal the end of the exchange by looking away from them and saying their first and surnames (in that order) in a firm and confirmatory way, before rearranging your face into a sombre mask, and moving on to talk about e.g. NATO, recession, Sunday ferries.
calum, Feb 05 2008


       [cal um]   

       And now, here is [hippo] continuing with the tale of convivial formalities, or is it formal convivialities?
Jinbish, Feb 05 2008

       Jin Bish. Really quite extraordinary. Good evening. It was anounced today that. I'm sorry, it looks like we can't bring you that report right now. Coming up later. And now let's hear the next annotation.
hippo, Feb 05 2008

       Hip Po. And in fashion news...
theleopard, Feb 05 2008

       Thanks. <turns to camera B> Leo Pard there.   

       Consternation today, as list-like behaviours break out on a halfbakery idea. Moderators are said to be rushing to the scene to control the outbreak and prevent it spreading to other, unrelated ideas.   

       A big map thing of the issue clearly shows some computer graphics of a croissant, and a graph.
zen_tom, Feb 05 2008

       (I read this as Newcastle Hangover Conversion Termination.)
angel, Feb 05 2008

calum, Feb 05 2008

calum, Feb 06 2008

       Boise Park. While the sound department works on that connection, here's a preview of "Your Health Matters" -- a microscopic look at ways to give yourself a fit a....   

       at 17 or 70. One expert says that watching your consumption of this will change the way you eat. We'll show you how your choice of writing pen can add years to your life. New GPS can practically double as rear mirrors in your car; they show you where to buy pizza and can map the location of every police officer for miles, but many users find to their dismay that if you take your eyes off the road to see them they won't steer your car -- how to keep yourself safe on the road. And from popular psychology today, "Look Who's Talking" -- all those celebrity babies now reaching out to communicate, what can they tell us?   Up next.
reensure, Feb 08 2008

calum, Jun 21 2013

       I'll come back in 5 years just to see calum reposting, or not.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 22 2013

calum, May 17 2020


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