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small talk business cards

maybe on the back
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It would be a good idea to list your interests on the back of your business card. You could also have a personal card listing the things that you're actually willing to talk about (for parties).


John Sibley

Assitive Technology
rank amateur brain science
trying to like dogs
building things from architectural salvage
alternative energy
intellectual hobby guilt

nomocrow, Apr 22 2011

Maybe combined with _22If_20You_20Ever_...0a_20Ring_22_20Card
Perhaps we could have a new category Culture:Social_Crutch. [mouseposture, Apr 23 2011]


       [mocked-for-deletion] bad business.
daseva, Apr 22 2011

       I apologize, not to be bitter, but dammit. These are the reasons business relationships thrive. Because we don't know anybody until-we-know-them.   

       Ohhh.... you like to hunt with crossbow??? Me too! Let's cook some popcorn and watch Prince of Persia together!... Meanwhile, the guy who you could have connected with over drugs and alcohol and the Grateful Dead (Longest running point of acknowledgement (only kidding)) is long gone. BOOO. ;) [Kidding ... kinda.... Neuter] ... later>>> +   

       at this point u should be keen on the nonexistence of my business skills. I'd burn the thing to heat my '69 Gremlin while I sleep in it.
daseva, Apr 22 2011

       u 2 enjoy this.
WcW, Apr 22 2011

       Perhaps all business cards in the future should just present your plentyoffish.com address. You might get lucky.
jurist, Apr 22 2011

       xenzag interests:
xenzag, Apr 22 2011

       ? [#5]
po, Apr 22 2011

       [jurist] I can't help reading that website as plenty offish.
rcarty, Apr 22 2011

       Cunning molecular biology
Russian wristwatches
Trying to stay sane
Neuropharmacology (see above)
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 22 2011

       If you're going to *list* your interests, you should at least give the guy a bun! [+]

xandram, Apr 22 2011

       I love plentyoffish, myself. (Not this idea so much. No mixing business with pleasure for me. Oh yeah, no mixing pleasure with anything but pleasure for me.)
blissmiss, Apr 22 2011

       Voracious reading habits
Art (medium doesn't matter)
Weird bond with children and animals
Playing paintball
Weapons aptitude (go figure)
Militant pacifist (right up until I'm not)
Word play
Day dreaming

       Heads off to see what this plenty of fish thing is...   

       Russian wristwatches (mine's probably a knockoff)
Building random concoctions out of wood
Building random concoctions out of Legos
Building random concoctions out of food ingredients
Searching for antidotes to random food concoctions
Winston Churchill
Anything on lifehacker
Overly complex mechanical gizmos
poking holes in conspiracy theories and peudoscience
children's science toys (note, I have no kids)
RayfordSteele, Apr 22 2011

       Something unmentionable and very, very weird which i assume you all know about.
nineteenthly, Apr 22 2011

       //Russian wristwatches (mine's probably a knockoff)//   

       Well, there ya go, see? What is it?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 22 2011

       I designed some of these the last time vistaprint was having a sale. The mentioned my hobbies, my major,and that i was single. I never printed them however because i felt i would never have the courage to give them out.
bob, Apr 23 2011

       Read: I never gave them out because I didn't have the courage to print them?
daseva, Apr 23 2011

       I'm planning to "calligraph" mine with a quill and homemade ink on handmade paper.
nineteenthly, Apr 23 2011

       Biro on half a beermat might be more eyecatching!
pocmloc, Apr 23 2011

       It's a nice idea [+], but I personally wouldn't want to be limited by what was on my card. I'll talk about anything anyone wants to talk about.   

       Now, a business card that would encourage people to talk to me at all, about anything, that'd be an amazing invention.
DeniqueCoelum, Apr 23 2011

       hmm... [+] I wasn't going to vote, but [DC] made me think of these (in a larger font) as a useful alternative to "Hello my name is" namecards.
FlyingToaster, Apr 23 2011

       [FT] That's really a much, much better idea.
nomocrow, Apr 23 2011

       well... same'ishreally: one enables you to see if you're compatible then optionally find out if you're attracted, the other lets somebody you're attracted to judge if you're also compatible... or something like that.
FlyingToaster, Apr 24 2011

       For [DeniqueCoelum] perhaps a wearable sandwich board would work better than business cards as a conversation starter.
jurist, Apr 24 2011

       Has anyone read the Mark Twain short on using playing cards as social business cards? It still has me wondering if he was just making fun of someone or- .... other.
Zimmy, Apr 28 2011

       Found a card printing machine on an M4 service station printed some off, it had my name, then underneath is had "Idiot savant (we're sure about the first part)".   

       But, no ever actually reads the cards, so a bit of a waste of time...
not_morrison_rm, Apr 28 2011


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