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Newton's Flaming Balls

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Newton's Flaming Balls is a variation on the familiar (but very predictable) executive toy. The variation is simple, but dramatic.

The metal hanging spheres each contain gas burners that emit an orb encircling flame. The entire process is initiated by the first impact, and gradually diminishes as the momentum decays.

Works best on a scaled up version in low light, with the flames making a roaring sound as the balls swing through the air.

xenzag, Jan 03 2014

Newton's Cradle http://imgs.inkfrog...er365/YGA412A-1.jpg
[jurist, Jan 03 2014]


       Try phosphorus, or uranium.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 03 2014

       Also, it would probably be best to suspend the flaming balls with something a bit more substantial (and fire retardant) than string or light gauge wire.
jurist, Jan 03 2014

       I think I may have found my new favorite expletive, as in;
"Holy Newton's Flaming Balls Batman!"

       Anything but fucking snowglobes! [now the defining characteristic of those who cannot invent anything else - which is why I created a set of swinging flaming balls that smash into each other, in case that point has been lost]
I want them banned! Jutta.....help!!! Where are you when our need is greatest?
xenzag, Jan 04 2014

       Oh come on now...   

       They're like Leg-warmers for Pete's sake. Let's just start a betting pool on how long the trend will last and...   

       ...chill out.   

       None of the mfd rules apply to banning an entire meme. Do you think new ones will be made to address them?   


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