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Multipurposeless ball

Does a whole lot of nothing
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All your "ball" jokes aside, this could well change your bored/spare time forever.

This ball would do everything. Starting with the outer shell: it'd be thoroughly textured, to give your fingers something to explore for themselves. There would be little flaps that opened to reveal clues as to what lay beneath. On the bottom part of the ball, a handle would pull out to reveal a compartment from the inside of the ball that could contain things (money, matches, you name it!)

The top third of the ball would be like the little russian stacking dolls, down to a certain depth (to leave room on the inside for more discoveries.) Also on the surface would be a segment that rotated out to make an "arm" of sorts, that really wouldn't do anything, just be there, and give you something to flip back and forth if the ball was closed and you didn't have room or time to play with it. (There'd probably be a few more of these "emergency entertainers"...)

One of these arms would release the mechanism that held the ball together, and would allow the ball to open, revealing another set of discoveries. There would be a part in the middle that screwed out. Another compartment (specially designed to hold liquids [or more money and matches if you chose]) on the inside of the ball would be revealed using a different handle. A couple of the handles located on the inside would not really do anything at all, but they'd be fun to touch.

A thin strip of the inside would act much like the ashtrays on some cars, where you push one side, and a little segment rotates out. This may be designed as an ashtray (coin collector, for those that don't smoke) or it might be something entirely different. A music box might be built into this segment. Another possible feature on the inside would be a locked door (to which you'd have the key) that guarded a picture, or maybe the key to your house, or something. (Alternatively, you might not have the key to this, thus requiring that you learn to pick locks.) This door might be a padlock configuration, or some other form of security.

This is but a mere outline of an idea for one ball. No two would be alike. In place of the "russian doll stack", for instance, it might be a screw-away top. The ball might not even be a ball at all! It could easily be a cube, the shape of your favorite animal, it might be ergonomically designed like sport-drink bottles and men's hygiene products. It might even go electronic and double as a light, a mouse, or even a robotic friend!

The best part about this ball is that it is small enough to fit into your purse/handbag/backpack/pocket (if you're willing to endure the millions of "is that a ____ in your pocket, or..." jokes. It is intended to be well travelled. Alternatively, it might be large enough to be part of the furniture in your house. You could even go one step further and make every piece of furniture in your house conform to this concept.

Life is better with secret panels and hidden compartments. (That could be the marketing catch-phrase!)

Iidhaegn, Mar 27 2008

Multipurpose ball http://www.tymespan.com/phantasm.JPG
[skinflaps, Mar 27 2008]

NEJAB Bee-Releasing_20Jam-Filled_20Banjo_20Leg
We really love compartments here, but it's what you fill them with that counts. [theleopard, Mar 28 2008, last modified Aug 07 2008]

Very much like this, but even more useful Non-essential_20Blo...rm_20and_20Function
I loved this idea too. [globaltourniquet, Mar 28 2008]

Somehow it reminded me of this website http://www.pixelsca...tulacity/button.htm
Odd that I would go from this idea to one about inconsequentialist philosophy... [RayfordSteele, Apr 03 2008]


       Would I be right in imagining this as a slightly more cerebral adult's version of one of those toddlers' "activity centre" toys, where as many sensory stimuli as possible are packed into a portable chunk of molded plastic?
pertinax, Mar 27 2008

       This is a rare example of a poorly thought out idea full of "might"s that actually deserves a bun. I'd buy one.
wagster, Mar 27 2008

       //Life is better with secret panels and hidden compartments//.Agree.+
cromagnon, Mar 27 2008

       If you want mights [wags], you should go to your local primary school and rub your head against those of the children. But then you'd go to jail.   

       It's an unfair world my friend.
theleopard, Mar 27 2008

       I read that some people learn much faster when they have something to futz with.
bneal27, Mar 27 2008

       Unlimitless impossibilities! [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 27 2008

       That elusive place where bun meets NEJAB. [+]
globaltourniquet, Mar 27 2008

       By god, my favorite animal IS a box, how'd u know?   

       I love how senseless this is. At one point, it's not even a ball anymore! haha... reminds me of religion. [+]
daseva, Mar 28 2008

       //No two would be alike// - This changes everything.   

       Each multipurposeless ball would be lovingly hand-crafted by a highly skilled artisan. Prices would vary with size, complexity, and quality of workmanship. The most ingenious balls would be held in private collections by people with too much money.
FishFinger, Mar 28 2008

       [Pertinax] - Yes, that's exactly what this is. An activity center, with sensory stimulii and fascinating discoveries.   

       //It's an unfair world my friend.// Yeah...   

       [bneal27] - I like futzing... even when I'm not learning. :-)   

       //By god, my favorite animal IS a box, how'd u know?//   

       Haha! Thanks for a good laugh. I didn't even realize I'd written that!   

       //The most ingenious balls would be held in private collections by people with too much money.//   

       Somehow I would find the money to have one of those...
Iidhaegn, Mar 28 2008

       I am surprised it has taken so long for someone to [link] that.
globaltourniquet, Mar 28 2008


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