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Office Martini Bar

"Office Stationery" Martini Bar
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Are you unable to claim those expensive bar bills due to some outdated taxation or company ruling.

We would like to introduce our new Office Stationery martini Bar. The martini bar called the Office Stationery Shop sells drinks with names like the stapler, liquid paper, ruler, calculator, red pen. You order your drinks and pay for them.

What you do with your receipt from the Office Stationery Shop for 3 post it notes, 2 ink jet cartridges and a pack of ball point pens is up to you.

Braindead, Mar 18 2006


       sp: Stationery. I wonder if this would really be feasible... it would be interesting, though, some days.
roleohibachi, Mar 18 2006

       I'm not sure how to explain to our accounts payable assistant why I need so many staplers, but I'm sure I'll be able to figure something out...
jody, Mar 18 2006

       Muahahaha [+]
DarkEnergy, Mar 18 2006

       I'll have a stapler & paper clip, shaken not stirred [+]
shinobi, Mar 18 2006

       "A Screwdriver sir? - You'll want the hardware shop next door"
hippo, Mar 18 2006

       As they say on eBay: A++++++++++++
wagster, Mar 18 2006

       /"A Screwdriver sir? - You'll want the hardware shop next door"/   

       That would be the bar for contractors, of course. "I'll take two Screwdrivers, and a Fuzzy Navel, please."   

       "You'll have to go to the farm stand next door for that Fuzzy Navel."
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Mar 18 2006


       "Sorry boss, had one too many calculators at lunch - mind if I have the afternoon off?"   

Mr Phase, Mar 18 2006

       Great! Funny. +
bristolz, Mar 18 2006

       "Another lap-dance, er, I mean 'top' over here, please. Thank you."
Shz, Mar 19 2006

       Great idea, can just imagine running into the boss. +++
Tanned Black, Mar 20 2006

       I'll have a ream of paper, a post-it note with a twist and highlighter.
A minute later...
No - I actually wanted a highlighter!
Jinbish, Mar 20 2006

       This could be done the other way around - common items of stationery could be renamed "vodka martini", "plate of nachos", "bottle of rioja", "tapas", so that when your expenses form suggests that you've bought a bottle of rioja and some tapas no one will really know whether you've been enjoying yourself at the company's expense or whether you've popped out to buy a few reams of paper and some new toner cartridges for the printer.
hippo, Mar 20 2006

       Wicked...I order 'red pens' by the dozen. +   

       There is a bar in Rutland, Vermont called "The Office" so when you say you are staying late at "The Office" you are not telling a lie.
xandram, Mar 20 2006

       Beats sniffing glue. +
not_only_but_also, Mar 21 2006

       Hilarious, but sadly unnecessary if the restaurant prints a fake receipt for you.   

       A computer program figures out how to add up actual stapler and printer cartridge prices to equal your bill, and prints those instead of what you actually ordered.
Darkelfan, Mar 21 2006

       Funny, [xandram], I’ve been there. There’s also one in Boston, right next to “My Brother’s Place”.
Shz, Mar 22 2006

       I think I'll open one and call it "Home".
xandram, Mar 23 2006

       I've been to Rutland, Vermont, but I didn't visit "The Office".
hippo, Mar 23 2006


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