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Nimble Finger Man

When the feeling gets touch-and-go, the touchy-feely get going
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Strong Man is a contest where great beefy hunks from places like Iceland, Ukraine and Quebec compete in such events as lifting massive stones, pulling train cars and flipping huge tractor tires towards a finish line. Here instead, myopia and manual dexterity are prized, and the apparatus at one’s fingertips are minuscule.

As microscoped TV cameras record the details of the tiny tournament, men and women with trembling, sweaty digits struggle to grasp and place grains of sand, pull a one inch long train on a curvy track without derailment, turn a tiny, very thin coin end over end on a 300 mm course, do the two finger walk holding a bead between them and much more!

FarmerJohn, Mar 18 2004


       I've seen this on a few TV programmes here in England ..   

       They do things like 'first one to thread 20 needles'.   

       Sorry to say .. despite the exciting music and the commentator going nuts .. it really is pretty boring to watch.
britboy, Mar 18 2004

       We only get 'Rough Science', Sir David Attenborough and 'Emerdale Farm' here.
FarmerJohn, Mar 18 2004


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