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Nixon Tapes Bar

Tapes play between music live or recorded.
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Standard bar located in Washington or California. Just happens to have some of the 400+ hours of released Nixon Whitehouse tapes playing in the background. Tapes play when band is taking a break or the recorded music is changing.

A couple of booths have headsets for those really interested. Tapes in the booths play continuously. Maybe a jute box let's you select "hits".

Some of the tapes are captioned, so some video monitor playing the "yeah, yeah , Right, Good of you to call thanks" will be required.

Bar decor from Dick and Pat, and whatever accumulates.

Search WhiteHouseTapes.org for more info on what is available.

/ Between 1940 and 1973, six American presidents from both political parties secretly recorded just under 5,000 hours of conversations. /

popbottle, Apr 03 2017

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       For a small fee, drunk patrons could try to duplicate Rose Mary Woods' 18-minute gap at a small desk in the corner.
whatrock, Apr 03 2017

       There's a restaurant in Edinburgh where What's He Building? by Tom Waits is on a constant loop in the toilets. I can only imagine the NTB would be even more unsettling. Croissant!
calum, Apr 03 2017

       + fun!!
xandram, Apr 04 2017

       //What's He Building? by Tom Waits//   

       I hadn't heard that before - thank you for bringing it to my attention, [calum].
pertinax, Apr 04 2017

       My pleasure. It is not as I am sure you now appreciate conducive to having a nice relaxing poo.
calum, Apr 04 2017


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