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Pickle Juice bar

A bar that serves great tasting pickle juice and kosher dill pickles.
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If you like pickles, why not stop by the pickle bar. Where great tasting kosher dills and sweet pickles are served with shots of great tasting pickle juices. Where the bartender mixes kosher pickle juice with sweet and some salt watter pickle juices. An entire variety of pickle juice to drink strait up or mix. With many varieties and brands to choose from for your favorite dills and more from deli or store bought for the pickle of every variety and mixes for the picky pallet.
travbm, Nov 15 2015


       Better than some of your offerings. Small piece of croissant awarded.
xenzag, Nov 15 2015

       What xen said.
blissmiss, Nov 16 2015

       Actually I think it is a pickle with spices other than dill that make it taste better maybe with pepper and garlic or something better for Kosher Pickles. But Jews make semiconductors and pickles Bigsleep. Kosher is just a sales gimmick to sell more pickles and an opportunity to use some more spices. But more to the point most nations and cultures have made pickles. Many different flavors and spice are used internationally, America, Britain, Canada, Germany, India, Israel, What excuse do you have to insult kosher dill pickles? A Kosher dill in the states is going to taste differently than one from some other nation.
travbm, Nov 16 2015

       Ne pas DIS le cornichon à l'aneth casher mais bomber le cornichon à l'aneth casher.   

       Je adore le casher cornichons à l'aneth.   

       Je soutiens Paris France lutte contre le terrorisme.
travbm, Nov 16 2015

       neat, but an acquired taste.
wjt, Nov 17 2015

       Am I eccentric because I like great tasting pickles.
travbm, Nov 17 2015

       No, pickles are doubleplusgood.   

       We probably wouldn't patronise such an establisment, but that doesn't mean that it shouldn't exist. [+]
8th of 7, Nov 17 2015

       Certain countries serve just about everything that didn't have volition once in pickled form, so fairly baked. The only better way to strip the enamel from your skull is to take to wearing horse bits.
4and20, Nov 17 2015

       As an avid cyclist (cyclists drink pickle juice on hot days to replenish electrolytes and avoid/alleviate cramps), I would love to see convenient pickle juice bars along my favorite cycling routes!
mwburden, Nov 18 2015

       This sounds like fun. Pickle martinis are good. +
xandram, Nov 19 2015

       // cyclists drink pickle juice on hot days to replenish electrolytes and avoid/alleviate cramps //   

       At last ! Conclusive documentary proof that all cyclists are in fact clinically insane !   

8th of 7, Nov 19 2015

       Traditional Jewish thought has expressed the view that all pickles must come from cucumbers which have been harvested according to Jewish law.
These strict guidelines require the gourd be extracted by a single cut across the stem to a precise depth, severing both dermal and vascular layers of the stem, while leaving part of the ground, or (fundamental) tissue intact, no higher than the flower stock and no lower than where the third node meets the leaf axil.
Orthodox Jews argue that this ensures the cucumber dies instantly without unnecessary suffering, but many chlorophyllian rights activists view the process as cruel, arguing that the plant may not lose consciousness immediately, and activists have called for it to be banned.

       I have too many eccentric habits for my own good.
travbm, Nov 19 2015

       vodka and pickle juice with a dash of lime on ice.
AngelEleven, Nov 21 2015


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