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No-bright LCD

Now, the computer ISNT bad for your eyes!
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How about an LCD screen that doesnt luminate light? it might have a light above or around it maybe tho.. but the actual screen wouldnt be lit, so its easier on the eyes.

It would be cool too cause it wouldnt look like a screen, just a sticker sorta thing (could be a sticker too! the wonders of lcd)

ironfroggy, Sep 29 2000


       Huh? Do you mean a non-*backlit* LCD?
koz, Sep 29 2000

       So baked ... try any digital watch (just don't press the "light" button). Or a Palm handheld, most of them have a switchable backlight (to save battery power).   

       The problem is that current LCD technology has rather poor contrast. Without backlighting, an LCD is black on grey, and very hard to read under many lighting conditions.
egnor, Sep 29 2000

       Isn't it the flickering that causes eye strain?
talldave, Jul 26 2003

       I believe this is what e-paper is most useful in accomplishing. That and displaying colors that arent colors (like reflective surfaces and such, squee!)
ironfroggy, Jul 26 2003


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