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computer screen suntan

for the pale geeks of the world
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This idea was inspired by a poem someone posted on my site (see link) The idea is to create a computer monitor that would emmit ultra violet rays giving the user a flattering suntan.

At my alma mater, Carnegie Mellon, this was badly needed. The students there would develop a pasty pallor from staying inside to long, and often shielded their eyes upon emerging from the buildings where computer clusters were housed, like poor blind moles. They also had trouble getting dates-- despite the prodigious number of well tanned, less studious people who could be fount at the University of Pittsburgh just down the street.

futurebird, Aug 19 2001

the poem that inspired me http://www.futurebi...ndex.php3?poemid=51
[futurebird, Aug 19 2001]


       but then I would need to put sun-tan lotion on when I use my computer...
RobertKidney, Aug 19 2001

       As a perpetual laptop user and suntan seeker, I like the idea. My current fair-weather solution is to work on the deck in the sun in my speedo with my laptop to the side, umbrella's shielding my laptop and eyes.
Mustardface, Jan 07 2005


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