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No More Numbers

receipts with barcodes that you scan into your computer
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Wouldn't it be great if stores would put a barcode on their receipts so that you could scan them (with a scanner like they have at the grocery stores) into your home computer, and then do all of your Quicken accounting without ever having to type in any numbers or dates?
lsteinho, Jun 07 2002

(?) BarCode Scanner Source http://techdepot.of...iid=194?AffID=11334
Available, but relatively expensive for the average individual, and this is without any software. [jurist, Jun 07 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       It's a good idea. Change your idea format and specify the equipment that the consumer would have to purchase, and how it would link to software to be practical. Otherwise, it's WIBNI.
jurist, Jun 07 2002

       A webcam could possibly be pressed into service to scan barcodes.   

       Here's a variant idea, which I'm only kind of comfortable with: have the supermarket email you the data or otherwise transfer it electronically. How do they know your email address you ask? Simple, you gave it to them when you signed up for one of those "loyalty cards". This would be the first way I've heard that loyalty cards actually benefit the consumer, aside from the fake discounts that stores offer. And to the store's benefit, this provides you an incentive to give them accurate info.
wiml, Jun 07 2002

       Admin: Removed overdramatism of all caps title, recategorized to new category, 'Product: Bar Code'.
StarChaser, Jun 07 2002


thumbwax, Jun 07 2002

       "Keyboard wedge" scanners are readily available. They allow barcode data to be entered in to any existing software as if it was typed from the keyboard. No additional software required. There is also software that takes data from a serially (or otherwise) connected scanner and makes the O/S think it came from the keyboard.   

       There is also software available (maybe I'll find links later) that will detect and decode barcodes in graphics files from flatbed scanners, etc. One 2 dimensional barcode at the end of a receipt could contain a reasonable summary of the purchase. Optical (essentially camera) type scanners for 2d barcodes are available but last I checked were fairly expensive. A decent webcam might have the resolution needed to "scan" a 2d barcode.   

       As suggested by the idea, the only thing missing is the barcode on the receipt. Some retailers have a barcode that represents a transaction number. This allows them to reference the original transaction quickly for refunds, etc. Only helpful though if you can hack in to the retailer's POS system.
half, Jun 07 2002

       [UnaBubba] - I thought of that too, and I think it would be a nicely integrated solution but was afraid to suggest making shopping habits available over the internet (in one more place anyway). Privacy concerns and such. One tends to get yelled/flamed at for suggesting such things around here.   

       Disclaimer: Some of my information may be a bit dated as I've been out of the barcode business for a few years now.
half, Jun 07 2002


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