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No One Will Ever Love You Crunch

By the makers of You're Fat And Worthless Fudge Ripple
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Extend that obnoxious horror packaging they have on cigarettes to other health effecting products like ice cream.

First, let me say I'm no fan of the nanny government that justifies its wildly expensive existence by nattering on about how we should all behave in our private lives. I think they should all be locked in the attic and fed the occasional bucket of fish heads.

That being said, this would be a pretty good deterrent to the depressive chubby who might be inclined to sit alone in the dark trying to alleviate their woes by hammering their hypothalamus with sugar.

Before you let fly with bones-o-wrath, I didn't suggest "You're Wonderful Just the Way You Are Mint" or "I'll Be Your Friend Tonight With Cake Chunks". THAT would be evil.

doctorremulac3, Jul 28 2012

In that neighborhood... https://www.youtube...watch?v=VjWmXq99Yic
[normzone, Feb 01 2016]


       "I Hate Myself Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough".   

       As a novelty product, this could actually work, as long as the quality is good. It would not be effective as a deterrent.
tatterdemalion, Jul 28 2012

       My life has been a long and rocky road.
AusCan531, Jul 28 2012

       "If That's True Ketchup and Relish Breasts and Thighs"
rcarty, Jul 28 2012

       I've been pondering writing a C&W song entitled "The path of least resistance is the road map of my life" if that's any help.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 28 2012

       "i am blind and my dog is dead." Sports water. Stolen from cartoonist Gross.
popbottle, Feb 01 2016


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