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Non-Rustle PVC Sweet Wrappers

For the Considerate Cinema-goer
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There's nothing more infuriating for cinema-goers (other than perhaps the offensive odour of popcorn) than futile attempts to slowly un-wrap a sweet wrapper during the decisive part of the movie.

I propose that the big confectionary companies adapt the technology already employed by producers of incontinence pants and launch a "cinema friendly range" of products packaged in non-rustling wrappers made from 100% non-rustle PVC. This would leave us to focus on the real cinema villians ..... popcorn munchers!

Elias, Jun 04 2003

quieter cinemas - popcorn http://www.halfbake...All-chewy_20popcorn
[po, Oct 04 2004]


       We've done this before, though I can't find it.   

       I believe you'll find that cinemas like to sell noisy (and smelly) foods, as it encourages other cinema-goers to buy them too.
DrCurry, Jun 04 2003

       + Maybe this will justify the prices charged at the snack bar.
Worldgineer, Jun 04 2003

       pvc is a carcinogen
davidcreede, Jul 22 2003


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