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No Pain, No Drain Body Armor

"I've been hit, but I don't feel it"
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While poring over the idea linked below I found my own anno:

[ Hell, I want a bullet-proof vest that dispenses pain-killer on the backside of the area it was hit in. I'm gonna need it, no matter how the rest of the vest works. — normzone, Dec 20 2003 ]

Since no one appears to have taken the bait (bake?) I figured I may as well.

When the projectile hits the armor, the backside of the protective plate is pushed against the wearer in an area roughly proportional to the impact.

The back of the impact-distributing ceramic plate has a layer of anesthetic goo and some short, fine needles under a protective sealant layer.

The impact of the projectile against the ceramic plate pushes the short needles, coated with the medication, into the skin. It's going to hurt like hell anyway for a while(assumption: I've never been shot), but shortly all will go nicely numb for a while.

normzone, Mar 02 2009

Here's where it all began Self_20Healing_20Bullet-proof_20Vest
[normzone, Mar 02 2009]


       You mean like in Joe Hadleman's The forever War?
simonj, Mar 02 2009

       Ah. I wasn't thinking of preheated versions, such as the all-knowing, all-doing versions of Heinlein-esque powered armor.   

       I was thinking more low tech solutions. I confess I did try to think of a way around using needles, since not only does that complicate matters more, but it carries it's own special sting.   

       While my knowledge of such things is limited, my experiences with skin contact numbing agents leads me to believe that there's more bang for your buck in injectables.
normzone, Mar 03 2009

       Some users may be tempted to ask their detractors to shoot them again, once the anesthetic wears off.
placid_turmoil, Mar 03 2009

       It'll be so much fun 'accidentally' bumping in to you, until you're numb all over.
hippo, Mar 03 2009

       You'd seriously do that to combat ready soldiers?
Bad Jim, Mar 04 2009

       There won't be needles in the ...you know, cup, will there?   


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