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No Photo Museum day

grind cameras and pour the bits into a bag
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On every recent museum visit I have made I was tortured by morons with their idiot selfie sticks waving them around and generally only being there to take photographs of themselves in front of the displays.

Solution - have one day a week where there is NO photography and anyone entering totally agrees that if they are caught using a camera, they have to watch it being fed into a metal shredder then take away the resulting bag of mangled bits. (justified rant!)

xenzag, Mar 14 2015

Ban on selfie sticks http://www.cnn.com/...e-stick-museum-ban/
This is what some museums are actually doing. [Vernon, Mar 14 2015]


       Plenty of museums already prohibit all photography.   

       Though you might also consider patronising the more specialist and out-of-the-way museums. I doubt you will be troubled by selfie-sticks in the Lower Yarbury & Yar Valley District Museum of Bee-Skeps.
pocmloc, Mar 14 2015

       Prohibiting All Photography does not work, and has been abandoned in all of the places I visit - like the V&A, National Gallery, British Museum, Tate Modern etc. The compromise is therefore No Photograhy on specific days.
xenzag, Mar 14 2015

       If you have a Nudes Only Photography Day just preceding No Photos Day, it should use up most of the crazies, cover the place with lawyers and police tape, and TV crews.   

       ehrrrr. Maybe a weeks separation between the two days would work better.
popbottle, Mar 14 2015

       I like the mean old guards that like to yell at the people when the hours are up. Or at kids who get too close to the exhibit. It makes for such a special experience.
pashute, Mar 15 2015


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