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No Tissue Indicator

So You Don't Sit Down to an Empty Roll
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Similar to the No Soap Indicator, this would alert you to the nonexistence of TP before you started your business. However, this differs in that it would also monitor your stash of tissue under the sink (or wherever in the bathroom you keep it) so you'll know whether that skinny roll is the last one.

Especially useful in homes where toilet tissue is used up quickly.

<aside>D'ju s'pose maybe I should ought to have posted the 'indicator' ideas a little further apart in time?</aside>

galukalock, Apr 12 2003

(?) The Dummies Guide To Success http://www.amazon.c...62407514/halfbakery
p. 87: "...always check the toilet paper before sitting down" [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Oh, for goodness' sake!   

       Yes, I do glance at the toilet paper before I sit down. And if it's running low, I do check under the sink. And if there's nothing there, I make a note on the shopping list and grab a box of tissue paper. I pity your poor mother/wife.
DrCurry, Apr 12 2003

       Do you check under the sink *every* time you sit down, to make sure yer not out of tissue?
galukalock, Apr 12 2003

       Not here, unfortunately. And even when it does happen, someone forgets, and it doesn't get done.
galukalock, Apr 12 2003

       There's a 19-year-old in this household who, in the 2 years I've known him, has yet to prepare TP for the next person.
thumbwax, Apr 12 2003

       Believe it or not, we did that once. Didn't work; when it was gone, people were stranded anyway.   

       I never heard that God damned toilet tissue.
galukalock, Apr 13 2003

       God damns sinners not inanimate objects.
The Kat, Apr 13 2003

       Goddamned sinners get all the goddamned loot.
thumbwax, Apr 13 2003

       Honestly, benfrost. I wouldn't have expected you to be so naive about the type of 'business' that goes on in lavatories. Drug deals and prostitution, of course. You don't think that's just public toilets, do you? I mean, a boy's gotta earn a living somehow.   

       Anyhoo, I thought this was going to be one of those "You have 5 papers left" notification slips like you get in a Rizla packet, only in a box of Kleenex. Ah well. As it is, I'm going to award a croissant, because, staying on me own as I do, I usually have a fair idea of how much tp is left and don't really feel the need to check every damn time. Until some damned wummin comes in and goes through inordinate - I mean, *inordinate* - amounts of the stuff, and, out of some strange neurotic sense of shame, perhaps, doesn't have the gumption to 'fess up on exit.
Guy Fox, Apr 13 2003

       inordinate - adj. (Latin in-, "no", + ordinatus, "to ordain, to number") exceeding reasonable limits; without number
galukalock, Apr 13 2003

       Methinks galukalock has alzheimer's, so we must be understanding and patient, not berating and abusive. Judging by the ideas posted, g needs constant reminders for daily life (Forgot-My-Pants Indicator, Unmatched Socks Indicator). In order to bake this idea I suggest a Tissue Replenishment Reminder Indicator. First, we build an enclosure for the last and final roll of TP in the house. We install a trigger device on the door to this enclosure which, when the last roll is taken out an order for TP is added to the current household shopping list. A duplicate order is placed via direct internet connection with the merchant of choice and when g's next shopping excursion occurs, TP will automatically be added to their purchases in case the list is left at home (Forgot Shopping List Indicator is my next project).   

       Of course, there is always the trick of hiding one emergency roll in a zip-lock bag in the toilet tank. Or, taking a page from The Bachelor's Home Survival Handbook, keep a roll of paper towel in your stash. Bounty, the quicker picker-upper!
Canuck, Apr 14 2003

       Yeah, and one for all those Alzheimer's sufferers who agreed with me and croissanted this.
galukalock, Apr 14 2003

       Now hold on just a 2-ply pickin' minute. Checking the roll isn't always the first thing on your mind when you enter the room.   

       Some indicators, I agree, are a total waste of space. But anyone who has ever been caught out should agree this one has merit. Especially when you not only live with a UK version of TWs 19 year old (five years and counting) but a miniature 13 yr old version, a 3 yr old who delights in trying to stuff the stuff down the toilet and flushing it away, an 18 month old who just grabs the roll and Andrex Puppys it down the stairs, and the bathroom's so small the only place to keep spare rolls is in the landing cupboard!   

       On second thoughts, maybe I'll go for UB's overhead cupboard solution. However we could definitely do with one of these on the toilet roll dispensers at work - it's not at all obvious when they're empty and the humiliation factor is hundredfold.
egbert, Apr 15 2003

       I recycle mine.
sufc, Apr 15 2003

       on highway service areas always grab some paper napkins from the food/drink area b4 you go in, and leave for next person if paper available..this is a bit like VIZ top tips...?
betterway, Jun 13 2004


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