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loo-roll re-winder

battery operated, loo-roll re-winder
  [vote for,

for those times when the puppy has grabbed the end of the loo-roll in his mouth and playfully dived off down the stairs with it (as they do) or the kids have left twenty yards of paper all over the floor (as they do) or the old man has caught the end sheet in his zipper and walked off in a day-dream with a floaty cascade of tissue waving in the breeze behind him (as they do).

just press the little button and the battery operated re-winder whizzes it all back in a neat little roll for you.

po, May 23 2003

DRYroll http://www.oceanair...lt.asp?page=dryroll
[phoenix, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Toilet Roll Rewinder http://www.quinella.com.tw/toilet.htm
But you'll need a larger loo. [Amos Kito, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       How did I know this was yours just by the title? : )
k_sra, May 23 2003


phoenix, May 23 2003

       don't know, k_sra, don't know. phoenix usually does that trick.   

       phoe, that things for a boat. will it re-wind yards of paper? don't be sad, phoe.
po, May 23 2003

       I don't know. If I had a boat, I'd test it.
phoenix, May 23 2003

       I think those extending dog leads should have a rewind button too.
hippo, May 23 2003

       Strong enough to curb a St. Bernard.   

       The important thing about the loo-roll rewinder is that it rewinds large quantities of tp into the correct shape. Hand wound loo paper is extraordinarily messy.
k_sra, May 23 2003

       I used to live in a house where the dispenser was situated just under the bathroom window. On windy days the wind would blow in and get the roll spinning at a fantastic rate. The TP would pile up on the floor in a wiggly pleat, very similar to cake batter being poured into a pan.   

       Could have used one of these.
AO, May 23 2003

       I used to have a tp dispenser with an extraordinarily free-spinning spindle. If someone left just a bit too much paper hanging, the weight of it alone would make the whole thing unroll. That got annoying really quick, until I stuck a piece of paper in the axle, to make it not quite so free-spinning.
Freefall, May 23 2003

       //I think those extending dog leads should have a rewind button too.// they do [hippo]
po, May 23 2003

       You’re not supposed to rewind it after use, are you? If that’s the case, I’m taking back my vote.
AO, May 23 2003

       now you know me *better* than that.
po, May 23 2003

       [po] - ah, I meant a *power* rewind button ("Here, Spot!" ... ""Here, Spot!" ... "If you don't come here I'm going to press the button" ... click! ... "ggggggnah - woof!")
hippo, May 23 2003

       You just need a toilet roll adaptor for a variable speed electric drill.
waugsqueke, May 23 2003

       hippo, yes, I realised too late :)   

       <wake up, 3rd autoboner, wake up>   

       yes, Amos. <slap> I did do something of a search first
po, May 23 2003

       Somehow, I saw Lou Reed in the title and am curiously disappointed. Never the less, an excellent idea for those of us with cats or young children. I would like to have an option to prevent the 5 y/o from putting one end in the toilet and then flushing, just to see the roll unwind...   

       Perhaps some sort of large, blunt object...
ato_de, May 23 2003

       Our household has, for various reasons pertaining to flexibility and laziness, eschewed the fixed loo roll holder mechanism so popular elsewhere. Instead, our loo roll is free range (though it tends to graze around the pan area). With this freedom comes responsibility, specifically the responsibility never to drop the roll into the bog water. Which means that on at least two occasions in the last six months, I have found myself frantically grabbing hand-over-hand the loose end of the rapidly unravelling, recently dropped loo roll, in an effort to stop said loo roll falling into the water. Such occasions mean that the rescued loo roll is rather shabbily re-rolled. po's device would, if available in a non-fixed unit, solve this problem.
my face your, May 23 2003

       Loo Rolls... what a great voice, you don't see him around much these days.
waugsqueke, May 23 2003

       I like the idea of a roll that rewinds, but does it have to be battery powered? I mean really... I hate changing the roll as it is, I don't want to have to change the batteries too.
Mauve Herring, May 11 2005

       Careful not to put the batteries in the wrong way around.
hippo, May 11 2005

       excellent bump [ack]. Let me take this opportunity to say that 7 y/os like to impress thier younger siblings, and putting one end of the loo roll into the toilet then flushing seems to be (once again) a source of great joy to the 7 y/o and great amusment to the 4 y/o.   

       Where did I put that blunt object...
ato_de, May 11 2005

       I was going to advocate solar, but then I remembered a popular comment about "where the sun don't shine". Perhaps methane?
normzone, May 11 2005


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