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Pay Toilet Paper Dispenser

Easy in. Pay to get out.
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The toilets are free but bathroom is supported by pay toilet paper.

When it's time to wipe, insert cash or credit card.  Per sheet price is displayed.  Sale registers like on gas pump as sheets are dispensed.

Mustardface, Jan 09 2010


       I thought there was a product:evil category.
bungston, Jan 10 2010

       they have these already in japan.
WcW, Jan 10 2010

       Ha, got these in Thailand...
But the machines are obviously marked up in Thai, and there are usually several brands. The machines dispense a little cardboard box with the contents. No pictures, either, on the box or machines.

       My recommendation from hard earned experience is to break open the box immediately and check that it does in fact contain tissue, so that one doesn't need to wipe one's arse with a sanitary towel...   

       Leading nicely (?) to the condom vending machine in Christchurch airport, NZ: A sticker that said: "Baaaa means no..."
Ling, Jan 10 2010

       "Pay as you go" seems like a good name.   

       Hang on, that's already being used by O2.
DenholmRicshaw, Jan 10 2010

       // already being used by O2 //   

       ... for the obvious reason. Not the best service provider on your planet.
8th of 7, Jan 10 2010

       [-] It's rough enough trying to exit the restroom if the paper has run out or it is in short supply. Now I've gotta make sure I have exact change before entering the loo. And I am sure that some guy is going to have a hard time explaining to his wife why he charged up $17 worth of TP in one day.
Jscotty, Jan 10 2010

       You could just take your own bogroll.
nineteenthly, Jan 11 2010

       This is an issue of marginal utility if I ever read one. How much would someone pay for that first wipe?
rcarty, Jan 11 2010

       Probably a lot if they weren't aware of it until they finished.
nineteenthly, Jan 11 2010

       I'd simply just use my underpants.
rcarty, Jan 11 2010

       /I'd simply just use my underpants./ Can you pass them underneath the wall to me in the next stall?
bungston, Jan 11 2010

       You're lucky they're long-underwear.
rcarty, Jan 11 2010

       Oh, well in that case, let me use the other side.
Jscotty, Jan 11 2010


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