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No cell phone dead areas

Use cell phones anywhere.
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Cell phones are ubiquitous. In some buildings, there are areas which cannot receive cell signals. I propose that virtual models be created which incorporate various materials and the signal-blocking abilities. Using these models, architects could ensure that public areas within new buildings have good cell phone reception. The models might also be used to selectively modify existing structures to improve reception within.
bungston, Oct 10 2006

GSM repeater http://www.allprodu...lding_repeater.html
For the love of ubiquity [Jinbish, Oct 11 2006]

Peer To Peer Mobilage Peer To Peer Mobilage
Eliminating dead spots by flattening the shape of the network. [zen_tom, Oct 11 2006]


       Except in cinemas, libraries (librarys? Librari? SP?), lecture theaters, concert halls, and register areas of all retail outlets, all of which should employ signal blocking technology.
Custardguts, Oct 11 2006

       Without checking, I wonder if cell phone repeaters are possible. I mean, a small signal generator that fits onto the window, that recieves from one direction, and beams in another (down the hall way).
Ling, Oct 11 2006

       This isn't a problem that would be taken into account by many architects but the models you mention are generally used for in research and testing of antennae and other technical bits and pieces.   

       As for the repeater idea... (linky).
Jinbish, Oct 11 2006

       Jinbish, Ah ha: nice find.
Ling, Oct 11 2006

       A room I had a meeting in this afternoon had a repeater in or normally it's a comm's blackspot.
oneoffdave, Oct 11 2006

       Baked, Finland. Country with pretty much blanket coverage. Not baked New Zealand, because of mountainous terrain and small population in some areas there are plenty of places to escape from the ratrace and turn the phone off as there is no coverage. Perfect holiday,eh?
Pellepeloton, Oct 12 2006


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