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only what u need 2 know

auto summarizer social media website and app
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Auto summarizes everything online including texts and app screens,

lets the users suggest alternative summaries and vote on them,

and most importantly, lets the users have a personalized summary in the direction they choose, by giving a summary of the differences between the proposed summary options, and allowing the users to choose between them.

The users can then distract themselves by arguing over the summary of differences and whether that is accurate. If not satisfactory, they can always go one level deeper.

The app can tell what you need and want to know, skipping the ads, and without "reading" out all the buttons on the screen.

pashute, Aug 06 2020

Precursor to Dr. Pocmlot's article https://www.researc..._as_a_Critical_Turn
[pashute, Aug 20 2020]

Especially section 21 https://journals.op...tion.org/semen/8912
[pashute, Aug 20 2020]


       Summary: nice.   

       The trouble here is there is any number of levels of summary. You would have a slider bar:   

       I- 1 word
I- 50% compresson
I- Original full text as found on the source web page or app.
I- Original full text expanded with more complete and complex grammar and replacement of difficult or ambiguous words with circumlocutions
I- Verbosely loquatious expansion of the linked source-text with dictionary definititions[1], asides and background context applied whenever possible plus full footnote references to relevant studies or analytical papers[2]
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[1] Either Oxford English Dictionary or Websters, depending on preference settings
[2] See for example, P. P. Pocmloc et al, "On the use of relevant studies to elucidate meaning in otherwise ambiguously para-contextualised online discourses", in the South Dorset Journal of Agricultural Implement Studies, series 4, volume 97, part 11, pages 4776-4944

       I am starting to think that similar ideas and discussions have happened here before.
pocmloc, Aug 06 2020

       I'll summarize the internet for you:   

Rick Astley
Cat videos
RayfordSteele, Aug 06 2020

       Back when I was studying computational linguistics, this was the Holy Grail in my mind, except that I was aiming a bit lower and just wanted to see something that could create automatic abstracts for academic papers. Even though such papers are largely written to form, so that simply repeating the first paragraph might often have been enough, I still don't think such abstracts are generated automatically.   

       Google and others come close, by showing 1 sentence as a preview to represent some longer page
4and20, Aug 06 2020

       ROTFL [rayford]
pashute, Aug 20 2020

       I'm not entirely convinced that those cited papers are strictly relevant to this idea, [pashute].
pocmloc, Aug 21 2020


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