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Non-Disclosure Agreement for Aliens from another universe

Non-disclosure Firewall MindWare for the truly paranoid in case of alien abductions
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Apparently these meddlesome beings from outer space extract quite a bit of information from us.

Using 'telepathic pop-ups', a simple 'Agree/Disagree' message would be communicated to a mild-melding alien lifeform before they could pry our deepest, darkest secrets.

Using binary logic in a puzzle form, a yes/no decision could be encrypted to whatever language they use and we could then be probed with the same immunity that lawyers, psychiatrists, and accountants offer us.

Would have to uploaded into your brain BEFORE a possible abduction. [ Duh. ]

disny, Feb 11 2004


       Baked. In tinfoil.
lostdog, Feb 11 2004

       I had to agree to this before reading your idea.
normzone, Feb 11 2004

       What about aliens from this universe?
kbecker, Feb 11 2004


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