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Non-Stop Metro V2

Because time is important..
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The idea of a metro (or subway) train is not new (see link).. nor is the idea of non-stop transportation (see link). And I don't think anybody likes the multiple stops on a metro train, other than at times when it constitutes a good excuse for being late.

Non-stop metro is realizable with today's technology, but there are apparent challenges. One and foremost is safety. How do you get people in a fast moving train and how do you get them off safely? Well, this idea here is going to answer to this question.

The idea here is rather an engineering idea. Does this make it an invalid idea? If you said yes, then you mean the light bulb, the TV, the refrigerator, and the computer were not really ideas. Well guess what? They are famous and you are not Hahaha.

So, having resolved our issues with certain haters, we can proceed to the wonderful idea of how to make the non-stop metro happen. I mean, really happen.

The railway is like this: there is your standard railway, but it is in a ditch that is taller than the metro train. Then, at ground level, on both sides of the ditch is another pair of tracks. This is for the shuttles.

The metro train is like this: It is a regular metro train with track on its roof. Moreover, it has walls on both sides on its roof parellel to its body. The entrance to and exit from the train happens through the roof as you might have expected.

Then comes the new element: The Shuttle. The shuttle goes on the tracks on ground level. Of course this makes it wider than the train. The shuttle has doors on its sides and bottom.

The metro train moves at 200 mph all the time, non-stop, in loops. Before it arives at a station, the shuttle at that station, with people inside, speeds up and reaches 195 mph. The train catches up with the shuttle. Once the train is under the shuttle, the shuttle locks onto the tracks on the train's roof. This makes it lift up and get off the tracks on the ground level. Now the shuttle is on the roof of the metro train.

The rest is applepie. The giant spring on top of the train catches the shuttle and stops it. Connection is established and people transfer to the train. People getting off go into the shuttle. Spring releases the shuttle and shuttle goes back to station.

May be fantasy? Yes, but I say, if it is a viable fantasy, it is an idea. Bones to bones, croissants to croissants.

xkuntay, Jul 07 2009

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       OK - now we've had the US (Subway) and European (Metro versions) it's time for the Underground to put in its bid. 3rd time lucky, as they say!   

       With great recognition and thanks for the fine work put in by versions 1 and 2, please check out version 3 ...
kindachewy, Jul 07 2009


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