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Non-stop Underground (version 4)

Hehe... well actually...
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Jim read all about the non-stop underground version 3 and thought well actually...

Jim dozed in the lead carriage of the two carriage circle line train safe in the knowledge that he need never get off. Jim was only vaguely aware of people transfering to and from the trailing carriage as it continually attached and detached to the rear of the train letting people on and off at each station.

How strange it occured to Jim that this mechanism had never been used before.

In anycase Jim went to sleep...

madness, Jul 08 2009


       Presumably, you'd have to get onto the right carriage when the train stops at your station. Then, the carriages would each go to their destination. I foresee synchronization problems, but I like it. It would save the anxiety of missing your stop, since your stop would be the only one! Of course, you'd have to get onto the right carriage in the first place.
sninctown, Jul 13 2009

       I have a pogostick(?), no... a unicycle post somewhere that does this; everybody waits at their respective street corners and when the line comes by they join it; if a unicycle in the middle veers off from one big line, he/she leaves 2 smaller lines behind which eventually join up to form one line again. Tres organic.
FlyingToaster, Jul 13 2009


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