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Non Stick Garbage Can

Never Peel that sticky tissue paper from the bottom of the garbage can again
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ever imagine emptying the garbage without putting your hand inside to pull out that sticky tampon or that snot coated tissue paper that is stuck to the bottom. A teflon coated garbage can would keep things from getting stuck to the bottom. cleaning the garbage can would be as easily as taking it outside a spraying it with the garden hose. plus if there is nothing that things can stick to there is no smell after being emptied
jeffman, Jul 21 2003


       //if there is nothing that things can stick to there is no smell after being emptied//   

       I'm not so sure of this. Any leftover food juices or bits that don't get out will start to smell. Just because it's teflon coated doesn't mean that nothing will be left in the bottom of the bin when it is emptied.   

       That's why I use a garbage bag. Have for years.
Cedar Park, Jul 22 2003


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